I got wind of AGD's King Quest 3 Remux

It is excellent

every game needs swimming pools and scantily clad schoolgirls
Two recently escaped convicts enter a pool filled with school girls in swimsuits.

This can only end well.
None right now (except testing my own!) Waiting for Diablo/GuildWars.

If you turn off the newly implemented "move guide" the game essentially becomes unplayable;
the game itself doesn't give you enough time to punch in your command.
But it's interesting because then, you're forced to rely on the visual cues the game provides for you;
not just the initial flashes that appear in the backdrops,
but the characters posture and their stance in that particular scene as well.

Also when you choose not to "Energize" there are a few continuity errors,
which can be expected in nature of the classical animation.

Overall It's an interesting piece of interactive entertainment.
is it too late for ironhide facepalm

Monster Rancher DS!
i'm not enjoying it thus far as much as i enjoyed Monster Rancher Advance 2, and just like any Monster Rancher, you've gotta be prepared to save scum like all hell to get remotely decent results out of training. not that i mind, of course. i love me some critter-raising grind. i have a feeling it will pick up once i get a bigger stable and can raise more awesomer monsters like Golems and Dragons. never understood why they had to stick you with the sissy girly monsters at the beginning, but i've grown accustomed to it.

the two monsters i've raised thus far are a monster rancher classic- the bog standard Pixie- and some sort of freaky tiny clown thing. i don't even know, Tecmo does the good acid.
6 v's i believe. Great platformer regardless of amount of v's in title.
Tactics Ogre: Let Us Send Canopus to Kill the Leader Before Our Dumb as Bricks AI Allies Kill Themselves

How is this still a problem when it was solved before the fucking turn of the millennium
because square-enix is dumb lol

just make everyone an archer, instant win

better yet just play fft instead
Replaying Dragon Age Ultimate Edition before I dig into Dragon Age II.

why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
Dungeons. Does anything else exist?
I bought Dungeons for my wife, but she doesn't like it because its not intuitive, or the controls are bad, or there isn't enough direction. I'm not sure what exactly it is she doesn't like, but she has gone to play it several times and every time she closes it down, cursing something about one of the things I listed above.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
My friends and I are addicted to Dungeons. If you got it the second it came out... well, they patched it for a reason. I'm guessing that it'll turn into a The Witcher - sucked at release, then picked up steam with some revisions.

Controls are bad wut. The interface is pretty clean and you don't need many buttons to play effectively. The only key I've remapped is pause from the actual pause button to the tilde, because then my pinky can hit it since I use WASD for the camera.

Not intuitive? Mr. Sidekick almost talks too much about what to do, and all of the buttons are very big with tooltips and distinctive icons. The game eases you in slowly but with enough new stuff to keep you interested - I'm wrapping up the third real (not-prologue) mission and I still haven't unlocked equipment, traps, many monsters or prestige gimmicks, and some of the treasury stuff. Only two of the ten hero classes have made themselves known, unless champions are considered one of the ten (champions appear on their own timer that you can speed up by being very evil and slowed down by releasing imprisoned heroes before they reach their beautiful escape; they go straight for your dungeonheart instead of exploring).

If the basic goal of "GIVE HERO TREASURE. KNOCK HERO UNCONSCIOUS. PUT HERO IN PRISON AND LET HIM WRITHE IN AGONY WHILE YOU SLOWLY DEVOUR HIS SOUL" isn't intuitive, I'd say your wife is trying really hard not to like the game. I mean, left click highlights, right click says "move dungeon lord here to kill stuff." How is that not easy to grasp?

Not enough direction? Quest details are on the side of the screen! Press U (or click the giant quest/challenge button on the bottom of the screen) for more information and to see challenges you can accomplish for more stat/skill points and scrolls!

My friends and I haven't had a problem letting this game slowly absorb our own soul energy. Is your wife trying to dive into sandbox or survival mode? If so, she's doing it wrong. Do the actual missions; you can replay them at any time to beat new challenges (and thus earn more scrolls for your profile).
who am i and how did i get in here
Im playing Alter Aila genesis and Leo and Leah.
i installed the dungeons demo and then uninstalled it because the main menu was ugly

to be fair i wasn't actually interested in playing it

your description makes it sound like maybe an actually fun version of tecmo's deception though so idk maybe i'll check it out
Just started with Pokemon White. Character design is pretty bad (mullet? seriously?) but it keeps status quo with the older pokemon games. Slightly better design, new features (some cool, some definitely not needed).

I wish they'd bring back the "base" feature from Sapphire/Ruby. I always liked going to my hideout. And being able to pick a character from at least 4 or so different types of trainers to play as would be cool.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Back to playing LBP2. I want to make a bunch of Team-Captin themed levels and costumes. So far I've got Belt Thunder, Gecko Toss and Fire Starter made. Already know how I'll do most of them. Only one or two will give me trouble/be impossible.
What's Team-Captin, you ask?! GIT OOT. D:<
(and go to slaymanexe.deviantart.com)
better yet just play fft instead

This entire path is going to end up with "All those other SRPGs are trash just play Legend of Cao Cao there were only three monkeys involved with that game"

(and all those monkeys are called Lu Bu and the Xiliang Cavalry)

or were they renamed Chariots
I'm playing my first typical Fantasy RPG in a while!

I actually can't even remember the last time I played a regular fantasy RPG so even the most atrocious of tropes seem okay to me! (I've even had a couple of "collect four vials of ghoul blood"-quests)