Hexatona, do sidequests. Seriously. They unlock dual techs which will make bosses that much easier.

Yeah, I realized a bit late that I had missed a bunch of them once I got into Momo's encephalon, and faught Albedo. unbelievebly, I managed to beat the bastard, but I wasn't able to steal the rare from him. ah well.

oh btw, hexatona, i wouldn't bother with mgs4 if i were you
also don't use anyone but Ashton in SO2 because Ashton is the shit

Well I already own it so I'll be trying it out eventually. What don't you like about MGS4?

Eh, I always get ashton, so I went with Opera for a change. I kinda messed things up though, as I won't be able to get the (admittedly shitty) Ernest this playthrough. I kinda find it annoying. oh well.

I'm a little dissapointed in Rena's PAs so far, but that may be because of who i have recruited this time around. I got Opera, Welch, Bowman, Celine, (and eventually, I'll get Dias, and.. . Noel?) I was trying to get everyone i usually don't get, but I'm a little cheesed I missed Ernest. How was I supposed to know you can't travel back to Krosse after you talk to Leon... hmm... maybe I can hack my save state so that I'm in arlia or something...
are you for serial. I have been spending serious alone time with him (lvl 7 right now i think), he had better put out :|

prepare to eat a dick then, because you can't even go out with Junpei, believe it or not
you'll find out why in due time if you don't know already
i mean it's never bad to have a level 10 s.link with anything but it's still pretty annoying!

What don't you like about MGS4?

i kind of view the entire MGS series as one big drawn-out shark-jump, and MGS4 is when Henry Winkler finally hits the water

or: imagine a dev team sets out to make a Tactical Espionage Action game set in modern-day Middle East-istan. imagine the dev team consists of 18 sufferers of PTSD, a monkey, and the FOXHOUND himself Hideous Kojima. imagine the end result of that.

Johnny Sasaki, the joke diarrhea character, literally becomes an important character in the plot. i think. it was so fucking boring i couldn't get through Act I so maybe you shouldn't listen to me anyway
i kind of view the entire MGS series as one big drawn-out shark-jump, and MGS4 is when Henry Winkler finally hits the water

*attacks mentor / secret cloning father with an aerosol and a lighter* how is this any better ??
Well, I'll still play it eventually. I've come this far, dammit!

Anyway, in regards to editing my savegame, I'm an idiot. PSP saves are encrypted each time...
Just started Dragon Age as a Force/Blood Mage, so far its kind of a mixed bag. Combat has been "ME2"ed, it's a lot more action based. That's not a bad thing though, it's still fairly tactical and just plays more franticly. The non-linear story has also been done away with along with the open world. So far I count only 3 main areas and most are repetitive, I'm hoping that will change.

Still, good game though. Next time through I'll be doing a Reaver/Berserker warrior then a Duelist/Assassin.
PKMN Black and White. It's probably the best of the series. THAT'S RIGHT I WENT THERE.
Still WoWing myself. Soon, though, I'll get Dragon Age 2. And then the WoWing will be on the down-low.
i kind of view the entire MGS series as one big drawn-out shark-jump, and MGS4 is when Henry Winkler finally hits the water
*attacks mentor / secret cloning father with an aerosol and a lighter* how is this any better ??
because it was at least fun to play
I've been playing PS2 Rygar. It's pretty. It's like God of War or Castlevania: Lord of Shadows if they had actually okay level design and environments.
2 Games currently:

Kings Bounty Armored Princess (I think I like it even more than Heroes 5)

TItan quest with Paths mod - 'cause there is no other ARPG that comes close to the fun I had with Diablo 2 (many people would say Torchlight, I say bleh, too shallow, and many other negatives), Grim Dawn and Diablo 3 are still far away..... sigh, maybe Torchlight 2 will come with something else than just multiplayer for which I dont care at all.
I'm playing "waiting for the latest PS3 firmware update to finish"

It's not a very fun game.

Little Big Planet 2

I made a huge flying robot that shoots explosive electrified cogwheels.

This is the best game ever.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Hahaha sick robot! I need to revive the RMN LBP topic
My mind is full of fuck.
Playing Starcraft II Installer.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar

HAI GUYZ RIGHT HURR !! What do you mean FF6 ports couldn't take the time to add in some conditional dialogue?

Also, onion knights <3. I need to replay FFIIIDS sometime, no matter how shitty it is. (I always feel proud of myself for beating the final dungeon on my first try, then I remember how ridiculously nerdy that is and scrub my head with steel wool.) Note: when I say "FFIIIDS," I mean "FFVa."
Playing the console version of Torchlight, and I like it more than the PC version, even if it lags a little when tons of effects and enemies are on screen and loading areas takes a short time, the controls make playing a Melee based character much easier. Reminds me of when I used to play Diablo on the PS1, though without the ability to clone gold upon gold.
Was playing a bit of the postgame for Dragon Quest IV. I was about level 30 when I finished the game, and apparently you're supposed to be around level 45 or 50 when fighting the Dual Bonus Boss. I got really tired of trying to level up, so I Used the Teaky Masks enemies to do a bit of a level up trick. You basically just keep letting them call for help. (The Sage's Stone really helps here) Also, use the tarot cards to get the Star, so you get double the experience and money when you finish. Also helpful because you fight the teaky masks in a location where all your party members are present.

Was able to Beat Foo Yung and Chow Mein at level 40/42, though admitedly I was lucky that Chow Mein never threw a boulder. Got PSaro, next stop, Aamon.
behold my graceful ball dexterity!


oops, dropped my balls!
Finished Dragon Quest IV 100% now. Aamon was hard, but all my peeps had just enough HP that Aamon couldn't kill anyone in one turn, even if he spammed his huge attacks. everyone was 40/42 except PSaro, he was only like 36. Good times. Back on the shelf you go.

Played some Rhapsody: A musical Adventure... go ahead and laugh. I had almost finished the game before, but I got stuck and had to check a faq to get going. At the last battle. The game is fun and amusing, but very easy. That's fine with me though.
bought pokemon white because i'm an aspie
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
Dragon Age 2. So far it's a perfectly fine sequel even if the internet hates it.