Playing some Ninja Gaiden 3 RE. As a Ninja Gaiden game I'm hugely disappointed in the repetitive and uninspired boss fights and the seemingly artificial difficulty at many points. Swarming the player with (normal human) enemies that are faster and stronger than Ryu Hayabusa(supposedly a badass ninja) isn't a valid way to increase the difficulty. It only makes things tedious, not challenging. Not a bad game, but it's got nothing on the previous games.

Aside from that I picked up Super Mario 3D World and Super Luigi U, both of which are fantastic.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Super Mario 3D World is pretty fun, but also pretty easy playing solo. It gets crazy with more people though!
Banjo Kazooie. I will find a way to kill that shark.
Man I wish I had time to play games at work. I got nothing.

Back at home I have a pretty baller Oblivion file on the go. My character is getting close to capping every stat and can kill almost anything in two hits. All hail the BlakKnight, Zazzafrazz.

Also I've been roleplaying it a lot harder which makes it about a million times more fun. I even found a way to retcon the same character into being in Skyrim for later (even though it takes place 200 years later) through the story of the Knights of the Nine expansion.
Still trying to beat Akai Katana, but lately I've been retreating to Ilo Milo to lick my wounds afterwards (its cuteness could cure you of anything). What I really should do, though, is actually finish playing some of the games I've downloaded off this site so I can free up some hardrive space! Man, 80GB seemed huge when I got this laptop in 2005!

But the real question is, do I want to get Watchdogs for the 360/PS3 now, or wait 2~3 years or whenever it is I decide to get a Xbox One or PS4 and play it then? Or play it now, then play it on the superior console later to fully soak in the differences?
Still playing Ninja Gaiden 3 RE. Starting to love to hate the game. Been playing for a while and while it's still got hints of fake difficulty everywhere, I haven't ran into any controller-breaking moments, and in fact enjoyed a certain boss fight against a helicopter. Still far behind NG Black, though.

Back at home I have a pretty baller Oblivion file on the go. My character is getting close to capping every stat and can kill almost anything in two hits. All hail the BlakKnight, Zazzafrazz.

Ah, good times with Oblivion. Ought to play that again and recreate my archer. I could take out damn near anything without being seen, and it just wasn't the same in Skyrim. I do believe I liked melee dagger assassination in Skyrim better, though.
Megaman X4
Lovin' them cutscenes.

And also Final Fantasy Tactics, with a team made entirely of Orators.
Brutal Doom is awesome! I was skeptical at first because the fatalities are 'frankensprited' (They're bound to improve, though) and the buckets of blood everywhere seemed cartoonish... But it actually plays pretty good, and once you get into it, watching a Spider Mastermind blow up into a million tiny pieces can be vastly rewarding. =)

After having not played Pikmin for a while, I'm back at it. It's fun but... so very very stressful. ;_;
nooo yellow pikmin don't go in the water nooo blue pikmin stay AWAY from the fire nooo red pikmin STOP FALLING OFF THE LEDGE ARRRGGGHHH JUST GO UP THE LEDGE PLZ
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
Just completed Phantom Hourglass and am starting Spirit Tracks.
Played Darksiders for the first time yesterday. There really needs to be more games where you can murderlize demons with a meter maid.

Decided to try Sonic and the Secret Rings today.

Holy shit, like, holy shit. I don't think I've ever played a Wii game that was that bad. The controls were clunky and unintuitive, and the whole thing's difficult to the point of frustrating. Thank god Sonic Colors exists on the same platform.

And the Dark Age of Sonic claims another victim from beyond the grave! Yeah, I remember renting that back when it was new, and... well, it didn't make my beliefs about the franchise reborn, that's for damn sure.
La-Mulana. Would be a lot more satisfying if I didn't need to consult a walkthrough.
Just finished Ninja Gaiden 3 RE on the Wii U. It was better than classic 3, but the story still sucked and it still had some huge issues. Hero Mode(essentially Easy Mode) made the enemies brain dead and made it impossible for you to die. You just start auto-guarding everything except for environmental hazards.

Normal mode, on the other hand, was absurdly difficulty. Could only do 2-3 hit combos before normal enemies started guarding, countering and/or auto-facing/correcting mid attack. There was really no in-between difficulty, and the game was only "hard" because of the cheap AI.

Still not bad as an action game, but it's a shadow of what the NG games were.
I am one of those people playing South Park: The Stick of Truth. Even if you don't like South Park, I'd recommend looking at this from just the RPG angle of things - with a lot of game play hours already into it, I have yet to find anything mechanically off-putting about it (and if you're a fan of South Park, the story is pretty much hitting every note you'll need).
Exciting, but ultimately pointless.
I'm playing Stick of Truth, too. I'm LOVING the game! It's probably the best licensed game I've ever played. It really goes to show how much more authentic a game can feel when the creators of a show are directly involved in the entire creative process. I'm a few hours in and am enjoying it, even though I'm pretty crappy at blocking so far.
I think what I really like about the game, being pretty much finished it at this point, is that even when I'm just using my normal attack (and that doesn't happen that often, thanks to the variance in battles) I'm not just mashing the attack button and it's keeping me engaged and paying attention the entire time so that I'm getting the right attacks and effects in and blocking enemy attacks. My only gripe is that Normal might be too easy, especially if you're playing a certain class that, when geared right, can keep any party of two or less enemies (including a surprising number of boss encounters) permanently stunned.
Super Mario 3D World is pretty fun, but also pretty easy playing solo. It gets crazy with more people though!
Me and my bro were at the last level, and I threw him off the platform right before the final boss.

He was on his last life.

He laughed his ass off and I beat it on my own anyway so w/e
After years of having Doom 3 recommended to me by friends, I'm playing Doom 3: BFG Edition.

I hope there's a drastic environment change coming up at some point, because so far the game is unbelievably dull.
The game kinda stays the same throughout, from what I remember, so you're more-or-less shit outta luck if you're expecting a genuinely notable change at some point in the campaign.
RMN sex symbol
I got a chance to play Black Flag on PS4 which is an amazing game, though I felt the combat was a step down from the previous game. But everything else was such an awesome experience and the game looked beautiful on the PS4.

One thing I was really gutted about though was the underwater missions... So fucking bad that I couldn't even enjoy the fact that I was searching these ruined sunken ships in this beautifully made surface in the ocean. But boarding ships and swinging over, assassinating from the air and climbing masts, enjoying the picturesque views of the Caribbean well made up for it.