Mario Kart 8 DLC.
Do they have real battle arenas yet?
No. But I never do battle mode, so I don't really give a shit. You're going to have to wait for the batch of DLC that follows the Animal Crossing one. :P
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
author=Max McGee
Among other things, seriously playing through Final Fantasy V for the first time. After that I planning on beating FFVI for the first time ever (I don't think I ever even got close, maybe half way at most), replaying FFVII, and maybe checking out FFIV.

Why yes I AM on a huge nostalgia kick thanks for noticing. But I also see it as rectifying my shameful lack of immersion in the JRPG "canon", as a lifetime producer of what amount to "final-fantasy-likes", i.e. almost anything made by almost anyone in RPG Maker.
I only beat FFIV earlier this year (or was it late last year?), and FFV this year. FFVI though I played through 5 or 6 times now. I still haven't made it farther than halfway through FFVII. I launched FFXIII for the first time today. I am a former soldier, on a train, with a black guy, in a futuristic city, fighting guards and robots. Am I playing FFVII or XIII?

re: nostalgia

Mario Paint, bitches!!

You are an awesome dad.
I already passed two thirds of Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword and I have to say the game is great so far! Especially the Support system which is just as good as I heard of.

If I could afford a 3DS, I would definetly buy Fire Emblem: Awakening, which I heard is WAY better than this one... Damn you, Economy! ;_;
I just started Suikoden V the other day. It annoyed me my first attempt to play it last year but I'm a lot more patient and tolerant with it now and enjoy it so much more than i originally did XD It's the only one I haven't beaten yet to I felt obligated to, but now I actually WANT to.
FF13, if it was 7 you clearly would've said SOLDIER, not soldier!

This is true. I would have.
I have been Playing terra battle, was genuinely specting shitty f2p CCG. But no, just really unforgiving dificult and deep puzzle/combat game mechanics in a good way. Up to chapter 13 i can say the game is "hard but still playable" and after that point... things get serious, like fire emblem serious "if you make a wrong move consider starting the level again"
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
I just started playing the first Xenosaga for the first time.

Holy shit...I feel like being part of the RPG Maker community for well over a decade has ruined JRPGs for me. I can't help but play them with a critical eye, unless they're nestled in a bubble of nostalgia like FF. And Xenosaga commits so many cardinal JRPG sins in its first few hours it's really fucking unbelievable. I'm talking about shit like starting the game with about 45 minutes of cutscenes and tutorials before the first save point, then literally 49 MINUTES of cutscenes before the next save point. And the two hours I played was almost entirely overwhelming exposition, a romantic subplot I did not care about, and infodump battle and system tutorials introducing eighteen thousand different kinds of points and subsystems I could not possibly process.

It just feels so insanely dated, not just in terms of the graphics but in terms of the game design decisions. Like a relic from a time before people realized things like cutscene after cutscene after cutscene between savepoints without any gameplay and overloading the player with frontloaded exposition and tutorials was a BAD IDEA. It comes from 2001, this really awkward period in gaming where the long cutscene was just at its utmost popularity, and it's so outdated and out of fashion it's like the bustle or something (Kojima never got the message).

And I mean, I will be honest, it's sheer japaneeziness is kind of overwhelming for me. It's more japan than I can japandle. According to the instruction booklet, fully HALF of the player characters are ACTUAL MINORS. What the actual fuck?

I have ragequit SO MANY RPG Maker games after about 15 minutes for SO MUCH less grievous sins. But I'm going to try and power through.
@Max: There's nothing wrong with being critical. Especially since your criticisms seem totally legitimate.
Assuming we're talking about any genre of game - GTA V. Halfway through, for the second time. I really just want to finish it so I can move on to all those suda51 games I bought over the last six months.
This reminds me of the end of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. I sat down one day to do the last dungeon....... and due to insanely loooooooooooooooong cut scenes and a final boss with more hit points than every other enemy in the game combined, it took EIGHT HOURS.
Yellow Magic
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I like to think that this video is a good representation of the SMTIV experience:

Yeah, I had pretty much the exact same experiences with Orthrus ;( To be fair, the game has got a lot easier now that I've reached *that* place and my demons can actually...do stuff. I tell you what, though, I really appreciate the fact that MC death =/= Game Over unlike previous SMT games.

Ultimax is just amazing. When does it come out for you?

That's a very good question! I got this in the mail today:

Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
@Max: There's nothing wrong with being critical. Especially since your criticisms seem totally legitimate.

It picks up quite a bit as a game overall when STUFF STARTS HAPPENING which is no surprise.

That said, there is an easily loseable boss (Minotaur, Sky Fish, Sky Fish) placed literally AN HOUR AND TEN MINUTES (mostly of cutscenes) after the last available save point that doesn't have so much as a fucking courtesy heal before it.

Minimizing player frustration was clearly not a priority here.
OH MAN! I love that Junes shirt!

♫ Everyday's great at your Junes! ♪

Also, playing SUPER SMASH BROS. FOR WII U. So pretty!
I would have more makerscore If I did things.
I wish I had a WII U with SSB to play!

I have Pokemon X&Y, can't afford ORAS so I won't be getting it. I'll just train up a team to transfer!
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
author=Max McGee
first Xenosaga

I found your mistake.

Read LPs of the first two and then play the third one three times, because it's that good.
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
I wish I had a WII U with SSB to play!

I have Pokemon X&Y, can't afford ORAS so I won't be getting it. I'll just train up a team to transfer!

I can't decide if I want wiiU before ps4! So many games to play, so many games to buy! Not enough time or money.
I'm thinking of getting my gf the starter pack for Disney Infinity, but the other half of me is against it. She is addicted to collecting things. Infinity wouldnt stop at just one. I dunno.
Then there's me... I want to play LBP3, but I could always do that on ps3? Hmm.
Finished GTA V last night. I had less to do than I thought. Now I move on to Bayonetta.
My mind is full of fuck.
The Wolf Among Us was awesome, can't wait for more, DLC or sequel. Dayum, I totally wanted Snow. :p
Shadow of Mordor finished in 20 hours, with most of the content done (apart from some outcast missions). Loved every moment of it. Mostly the orc beheading. And stabbing. And headshotting with arrows. And setting on fire, turning them against each other, brutally murdering them in front of their comrades.... You get the point :D

Now playing DA:Inquisition, and I gotta say... what a surprise this game is turning out to be. After over 5 hours, I feel like I just got started, only explored a bit of the Hinterlands, but so much has happened already. Explored a few dungeons, saw some breath-taking locations, got my head around my inquisition base, even met a dragon after exploring a bit. It was awesome, even though it ended with a devastating fireball in my face. Ouch.

Looks like I will be playing this for a while.

I never was a big "graphics whore", and I can enjoy many games of old (from Icewind Dale to Master of Magic), but I gotta say: THEM GRAPHICS. HHHHNNNG...
And I thought Shadow of Mordor had great graphics. It might not look like anything revolutionary from screenshots, but when it all moves, awesome music in the backgroud... it feels sooo good! Loving the next-gen experience so far.
even met a dragon after exploring a bit. It was awesome, even though it ended with a devastating fireball in my face. Ouch.
That must have been the dragon in the Hinterlands by Redcliffe Village. I saw that thing and was at the Game Over screen before I knew what hit me. XD