I'm playing Kingdom Hearts 3. The game is okay so far, but the chance it will be my favorite KH game is pretty much zero. I'm not getting a good impression of the story and the world seem to follow the "huge, but nothing of interest" model. The combat however is good, though not great. Maybe I've just grown out of it, it was not exactly yesterday the first KH game came out. However, already at KH 2 I felt that the game took the wrong direction in a lot of things.

Anyway, I choose a spellcaster start. It's probably not the best idea, but I'm just playing the medium difficulty, so I foresee no problem.
Final Fantasy II on Playstation, about 15 hours in. Always heard this to be something of a black sheep, so imagine my surprise that I've found every bit of it to be cool as shit so far -- superior across the board to the original, and I really enjoyed the original.

Love the flexibility allowed by the leveling system. The initial stats nudge you into making Maria the prototypical female spellcaster, for example, but I said fuck that by putting a sword in her hand and gassing her HP up higher than anyone else.
Playing Horizon Zero Dawn, it's the only open world game I can tolerate for some reason. Probably because the combat is actually fun? Also it actually looks really good. Usually games kind of show their production value limitations after hours of play but this game still feels like its E3 reveal. The only thing BOTW has over this game is climbing basically, unless you like "find the yellow/white spots" Uncharted climbing.
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Terraria on the PS3. Made a Space Gun, but Eye of Cthulhu's still kicking my ass. Likely because I keep throwing grenades that hit me too when it rushes me. At least the game doesn't lag like my PC version does (due to my PC barely able to handle it; multiplayer is a laggy nightmare on my comp, oi...)

Gonna be starting up Disgaea 4 when it comes in the mail. Tempted to boot up Dragon Quest 3 once again with the intent of actually completing it for once; farthest I got was to the Baramos fight, where he whooped my ass every time I got to him.

Final Fantasy II on Playstation, about 15 hours in. Always heard this to be something of a black sheep, so imagine my surprise that I've found every bit of it to be cool as shit so far -- superior across the board to the original, and I really enjoyed the original.

Love the flexibility allowed by the leveling system. The initial stats nudge you into making Maria the prototypical female spellcaster, for example, but I said fuck that by putting a sword in her hand and gassing her HP up higher than anyone else.

I concur, FF2 is a guilty pleasure of mine as far as the series goes. :D
I've beaten Brume Tower and Elyum Loyce in Dark Souls 2. The Fume Knight boss fight was definitely the hardes't so far, but the magic regenerating crown you get from beating it is definitely a worthy reward. Crown of the Sunken King left.

I've also beaten Toy Box and Kingdom of Corona in Kingdom Hearts 3. The game continues to be fun enough, but far less good than KH and KH 2. The gameplay suffers from severe feature creep, a problem already present in KH 2, but has gotten worse. Most of the features can be ignored though and thus won't bury the game. The story is a mess, there's a lot going on, but at the same time Sora and co are visiting whole worlds with near zero relevance to the main story. The author is writing a complex story, but has zero ability at pulling such a feat off.

What is good though is that the magic system does what it should do, it wears down enemy encounters significantly without absolutely destroying them. In the previous KH games, magic either seemed to strong or too weak depending on the situations, rarely just powerful enough.
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ff2 did nothing wrong!!

i am plyaing apex legends and it is ruining my life
I've beaten Brume Tower and Elyum Loyce in Dark Souls 2. The Fume Knight boss fight was definitely the hardes't so far, but the magic regenerating crown you get from beating it is definitely a worthy reward. Crown of the Sunken King left.

Dark Souls 2 gets a bad wrap, I really enjoy it and the DLC is some of the best Souls content there is. Fume Knight is easily the hardest boss in the game period.

I started playing Fallout: New Vegas the other day, im about 8 hours in. I think all of its system and writing are a big step up over Fallout 3 BUT I think the world design falls well short of what Fallout 3 accomplished, I find myself getting turned around a lot and relying more on the compass than landmarks. I can see why it gets so much love though, and well deserved.
I'm back in Skyrim. Alternate Random Start mod has engaged. I'm using it to give a random class and kit and it throws you to a random spot in the world to begin.

1st - start as a bard in the middle of a forsaken camp with a hagraven and a bunch of forsaken. Died almost instantly.

2nd - start in dead mans' barrow and follow a ghost through the area, almost dying a few times before getting to the boss room. Let the ghost tank the wave of foes that make up the boss fight, then get Whirlwind shout. Realise that I'm locked in with no way out as I don't have any lockpicks, the door I came through is blocked off and I can't unlock the door out.

3rd - woke up in a sunken ship with a bunch of enemies around. Try kiting the bandit leader only to have the slippery bugger get me while I was trying to fob off an archer with my flaming hands of justice. Died.

4th - wake up on the world map. I'm a fucking bard again. With bard kit. Fiiiiine. Clear out a bandit camp nearby, run into a house only to get attacked by the occupant who chases me halfway up a mountain, get attacked by a snow yeti. Managed to nab a save on that one so start up the save again and decide to skirt around the house and ran into a sabrecat. Decide to give it one more try and end up running into another sabrecat in the other direction. Bugger.

5th - I'm in the snow again. A bard, again. WTF. Okay, fine. Clear out a sunken ship of bandits, laugh at their roasting corpses and loot all the things. Jump my way up a mountain to engage a group of bandits near the top and take them down, almost dying in the process. Haven't dinged to level 2 yet. Boo. Slide down the mountain, run into some frostbite spiders and finally ding. Keep going until I run into an old fort with a witch inside. Kill her and try to open the chest she had inside but no lockpicks. Boo. Finally make it back to civilisation only to find myself in a ghost town. Turns out it's part of a quest mod I'd installed. Figure I'll head back there eventually. Run into a couple of wolves, beat them off and then run into a freakin sabre cat again. Fuck that noise.

6th (current) - ANOTHER BARD. geez orz. Find myself in a town! Hallelujah! Gotta get rid of some assholes who've taken over the mine. Hey, I remember this quest! Manage to just get rid of the baddies, stealing and wearing their armour as I go (started with literally just clothes and shoes and a dagger. End up in iron armour and a steel mace. Noice!) Now I'm mining out the mines and wondering which direction to go from here.

I'm actually enjoying the whole "jump from one life to another" aspect and seeing small bites of gameplay. Generally the idea is that if I die, then a new life is spawned, though I obviously made a few saves with some of the characters and retried stuff. I think it's a neat way to play Skyrim without actually having to play Skyrim. XD
Your actually making Skyrim sound like a fun game instead of a boring blob of dull systems, ha ha.

Dont get me wrong, I have put a tonne of hours into Skyrim, but I always turn the difficulty right down and play it like a walking simulator because the combat and quests are so bad. I just like exploring with Jeremy Soules wonderful soundtrack in the background. Super relaxing.
I have an issue starting games and moving on to another... not because the one I was playing was bad, but I tend to lose focus. I go back to them eventually, so I guess I'm currently playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey, Spider-man (PS4) and Red Dead 2. I just finished Outlast 2 with my friend, though... probably the most terrifying game I've ever played LOL
Beat the sunken city DLC in Dark Souls 2. The DLC areas are far better designed than the main game areas. Anyway, all DLC areas done although I did not kill every boss. I ended up at SL 200, which can be compared to the SL 125 I had when playing the original Dark Souls and beating New game+.

I was playing a Strength/Intelligence build and I think I try a Faith/Dexterity build next.

I've also made some progress in Kingdom Hearts 3. My opinion of the game's story just continues to get lower and lower. I've just beat the Frozen based world and Sora's interaction there was the most awkward so far all all KH games. It really felt like he wasn't supposed to be there.

I think I go trough what's wrong with the storytelling in KH 3. KH stories have never been that great, but the story telling was at least passable. Now it's atrocious.

Sora and co enters a world. Said world has almost no relevance to the main story. Typically an organization member shows up up and says something like "this world contains ingredient 3r556h which is of interest for us, so we will cause trouble here". We also get to see a Disney villain, one who is of practically no credible threat to Sora. For example, Gothel is a credible threat to Rapunzel and her love interest, but she is of zero threat to Sora.

To solve that problem, the orgy member or a heartless has to provide a boss for Sora to fight. Meanwhile, if there is a confrontation with the Disney villain, Sora has to step to the side via an awkward excuse so that the Disney characters can have their confrontation. Heck, in the Rapunzel world, Sora only interacts with Gothel once and in the Frozen world, he never interacts with what's-his-face (the idiot who proposed to Anna in the Frozen movie) at all and just observes him at a distance.

For those who have Played KH2 but not KH3, it's a bit like the first Pride Land visit. Sora has to step aside so that Simba can fight Scar one on one. Then Scar turns into a heartless and Sora now steps in again. However, Pride Lands at least had the excuse that it was supposed to be a one on one fight, something that was already in Lion King, whereas in KH3, the excuses to keep Sora away are far more awkward.

Anyway, the main story hasn't progressed, a problem that always existed in KH titles. However, now there is far more going on than in the previous KH titles, so while Sora is out doing stuff that has near zero relation to the main plot, other characters do things that advance the story. Instead of the relative short between the worlds custscenes you saw in the first KH game where the villains got another princess of heart, you see multiple longer cutscenes where mutliple groups of characters having their talky time. The custscenes are also not relevant to the world Sora just was in or will visit soon.

Well, I did know the story would be a trainwreck. I did just not expect it to be at this extent.

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Taking a short break from the usual, and playing some of my old RPG Maker games. Sunday was Oracle of Askigaga. Today was Okiku, Star Apprentice.

Okiku may lack the ability to fast-forward text, but, it was still a fun ride. Oracle... well, playing the game wasn't so bad, per say? However, some not-so-fond memories surfaced because of the personal history behind it's making.
I've been slowly making my way through Nioh, hoping to finish it by the time Sekiro comes out so I can have samurai themed gaming year with Sekiro, Ghost of Tsushima, and Nioh 2.

I recently learned that Doom 64, my personal favourite Doom game was given the Brutal Doom treatment, so I've been slogging my way through that. I know Doom 64 like the back of my hand, and Brutal Doom 64 has made some minor changes in enemy placement, level layout and difficulty to keep me on my toes.

I also got my hands on a Switch, so I'll be slowly building up my library of Switch games as well, adding to the tsunami of unfinished games towering over the beach that is my free time.
I've been playing RM games more than others lately. Currently playing Dragon Quest: Legacy of the Lost. I'm shocked that this flew under my radar. Not only is it really good, but it's a lot of fun too. I'm about 12-15 hours in so far and there's still a long way to go! I'm not tired of it yet. Dev did a great job.
I beat Kingdom Hearts 3. I don't think I'll do a second playtrough.

I found out that the poor writing that happened in the Disney worlds is Disney's fault. This does not however change the problem that the point of having a Disney crossover game is not there anymore. Also, anything that happened in the KH exclusive worlds can not be blamed on Disney. Finally, the combat is decent, but not spectacular, it can not make up for the trainwreck story.

I started a new Bloodborne playtrough. I'm going with Blade of Mercy, so Eileen's story got cut short as Henryk killed her and I looted her corpse. The Shadows of Yarnam are down.

The Dex/Faith build idea in Dark Souls 2 got scrapped, at least for now. I'm finding it hard to justify going Faith instead of Intelligence.
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liberty i also do alt start shenanigans sometimes. it's one of the best ways to, like you say, play skyrim without playing skyrim.

i am playing DMC V and more apex. the apex doesn't stop. nico goldstein is A++
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Goin' back to classics as I am wont to do, and snatched up Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World. One of my first games and one I deeply enjoy. Played SMB1 before work today, and managed to make it to World 5-4, playing each stage, before losing my last Mario. Hoping I can complete the game for the first time soon~

In addition, I intend to start up yet another file of Dragon Quest 3 in the near future. An online pal's streaming of A Link to the Past's randomizer has also inspired me to wanna play Zelda 3 sometime, too.
Playing Colosseum: Road to Freedom for the first time in six years. Been studying Roman history lately and Colosseum is the best game (maybe the only?) about Rome that isn't strategy. That and Bellum Imperii for M&B.

The voice overs are bad (of the "why bother even having voice actors" variety) and one of the characters looks a lot like Dolph Ziggler for some reason. The combat is wonderful, but unfortunately, the biggest challenge is dealing with the camera. It tends to get stuck on walls and hazards.

Five days in: I'm starting to remember why I traded this game in six years ago.
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. So far, after a bit of a tantrum because it's not the next Dark Souls. I've found myself loving this game. Once my mind switched gears to the new mechanics in the game. I had my tantrum after I died the amount of times that's come to be known scientifically as a 'fuck-ton' and sat down to play Nioh. But after a while I just found myself longing for Sekiro again, so I consulted various tips and tricks and decided to dive right in again. The only reason I'm here typing this is because if I go back on it now I won't sleep tonight.

In conclusion. I've been playing Sekiro and you all should, too.