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So, I found some tilesets that I'd like to use. However...I have no idea how to actually get these to work with any proper tilesets. These are from whtdragon.

I was trying to get these merged together with the default RPG Maker MV Dungeon tileset to use for a Sea Cove/Sea Floor/Atlantis level (the Atlantis one might need more done with it). If anyone is able to help edit this for me, I'd highly appreciate it. Or, if anyone has anything that would help for these particular dungeons, I'd also appreciate it. I figured these tilesets might be enough?

For those wondering and perhaps have good resources to use for these, I am trying to get tilesets for these particular dungeons:

Sea Cove/Sea Floor (see above)
Atlantis (it'll be in ruins, but don't know if the above could work with that or not?? It's not entirely underwater, there's ruin parts you go inside that isn't submerged)
Hell (Not sure if I have the right tileset for this??)
Castle (something that's a bit...fancy? I have one that may work with it that's using a mansion tileset, but dunno if that'd work for inside a castle too?)

Those are the main ones. There's a couple OTHER areas, but those require more knowledge about the project I'm working on to be able to really talk about those.

Again, any help is much appreciated! ^^
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