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I'm a popular poster on here, aren't I. Hohoho.

I'm aware that the newer RPG Maker's use Ruby for coding, don't know about XP, but what was 2000 and 2003 using to create it's environment? I think someone I knew said they were with Javascript. Whenever I look at maps and other files just in plain text it doesn't seem like syntax or anything familiar.

I guess right now, I'm trying to figure out, how much computer memory they use. And just how they're making the windows appear, text, and graphics appear.
Just curious...
The TM is for Totally Magical.
I don't know. For the bootleg 2003, Cherry had an extension called Dyn_RPG and you could make plugins for 2k3 with it using C++. So I'm going to say it's probably C++.

And I looked it up and apparently, they're all Ruby. RM didn't start using javascript until MV.
I did not know that. I thought Java was in RPG Maker 2000 and 2003.
I look at the files for the exe's and the maps sometimes in word files though I can see my messages I wrote in RM2k and 2003 in maps. Though it's all weird symbols and letters.
I guess if I wanted to, I could learn the newer scripting but it kinda gives me a colossal headache.
rpgmaker 2k/3 was probably made in C/C++ or some such variant, looking at the map files or exe won't help you since it's been compiled. Everything done to modify the programs is via reverse engineering so I think DynRPG is C++ just because it's much lower level to accomplish that. There's no source code available so it's like trying to modify a lock without the key so to speak. And the maps just use a custom data type set by the programmers to read out information. the maps aren't code just stuff to read off of that a computer/engine can more efficiently use.
Sure seems like it. :/
The old ones seem so limited. And the newer ones are similar but then there's Ruby that I hardly even know. And I get scripts from online like Yanfly's and Galv's.
From what I recall having heard in the past, I believe the front-end UI scripting is called RM Script and it is backed by C++.
Well, I guess whenever I look at the exe's or the map files, I can see messages in them that I wrote then there's all these weird scrambled symbols that Idk wtf they are. I guess I was really curious how the (computer) is computing that, especially when there's battles going on in rpg maker or even real basic commands. I say that because it looks like it's a command prompt based environment.
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