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Devil's in the details
Clicky, a movie!

So yet another installment in Tomb Raider series was released by Eidos recently.

The series that is considered a kind of classic, yet is said to have done things wrong so often, time after time.

I read a review of this game in my local games magazine and it was praised pretty much and said to be worthwhile. The fact the game looks brilliant, and the good review made me buy the game and try for myself.

So far I've really liked it. From the beginning of the first dungeon it has had that "Oh shit." thrilling mysterious Tomb Raider dungeon atmosphere. (Well at least I've always been scared!) And after messing around a bit to learn the controls, they don't feel all that complicated. I can't see what people are complaining about in the controls of this game. At least in this newest of Tomb Raider, I've found the controls all right, even though there might be a slight learning curve.

So, after reading many player comments about the game, I could say there's a lot of collision in them. Many praise this as the best Tomb Raider game yet, and other say Eidos are just repeating their old mistakes. But in which they all agree is the end of the game is terrible. (But if you're ready to forgive that and enjoy the better parts the game has to offer, Underworld could be really good.)

I can't relate to neither yet because I'm very early in the game, but so far the graphics, music and the ambience have managed to pull off a great atmosphere, and the game feels like a Tomb Raider. I've been playing the first level and so far nothing to complain about the gameplay.

PC Gamer 90 / 100
PC Zone UK 76 / 100
PC Power Play 6 / 10
PC Gamer UK 86 / 100
Gameplanet 8 / 10
2404 - PC Gaming 8 / 10
Total PC Gaming 7 / 10
Computer Games RO 76 / 100

I don't expect the game to be any omgwtfawesomelol big hit, but entertaining enough to be worthwhile and enjoyed.

Tomb Raider in Gamespot

Also, my stand is based off to the PC version, and I can't really speak for the other versions of it.
So far I'm digging it and believe it's going to be pretty good 'till the ending that's been talked down by every side.

But what're your thoughts? Anyone tried this out yet, or planning to?
Haven't tried this out yet but probably won't. I've never been a fan of the tomb raider games and that movie didn't impress me.
I liked Anniversary, as well as what I played of the demo for this. I own the second and third games, but the controls take a little getting used to... Eventually I know I'll end up gameflying this, though.
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