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Are they just street cred cause I really don't get them...
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Anyway, the misaos are a yearly event that let's members nominate there favourite games to win an award. Look at last years page and you'll see that games won different types of awards such as best battle system, best storyline etc.
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Like demondestiny said, Misaos is the name for the community awards for things like "Best RPG" and "Best Atmosphere", as voted by the members of the community. The community is not just RMN, it encompasses any english indie maker site (historically revolving around RPG Maker, but it's not limited to that) like GW or IGP or and a slew of others. RMN hosts the awards.

See that big link at the top that says Misaos? Click it.

Also, they happen every year, usually in January.

In previous years, Misaos took three steps:

1) Nominate categories (like Best RPG or Worst Dialogue)
2) Nominate games released in the previous year to the successful categories. Games needed 2 nominations to be eligible.
3) Vote for eligible games for each category.

This upcoming year we are doing away with the category nominations and are just going with a set list of categories.
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Actually, it seems to me that before being hosted by RMN, it was hosted starting on 2002 on the Queen's Court website (of iishenron, one of the RMN community members):

For some reason that somebody might want to expand on, for the 2006 Misaos, there are list of winners on both RMN and Queen's Court (check the "5th Annual Misao Awards" link) that have slightly different categories as well as winners. For the 2007 Awards, RMN became the sole host. You can get an idea of the mechanics that are involved in selecting categories, candidates and winners you can look at those ones that were set for 2007:

Finally, for the makers of the games, winning or even being nominated for a Misao is a good way of gaining recognition within the community for their work and also to let gameplayers know of games for their excellence. You'll notice that some of the nominees and winners for the 2006 and 2007 Misaos are not necessarily listed on RMN, but are mentioned on its forums or those described by kentona.

Hope this helps!
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