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Umm...so I tryed to open my game today...and it is said "Unexpected File Format" and wouldn't let me open it...anyone got something to help me with? I tryed Yahoo search to find out what was wrong but it didn't help me at all.... ???
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Opening the game in the editor, or just trying to play it from the executable in the game folder?

Also, what maker are you trying to use?
VX one sec I will try those...
nothing still unexpected file format...
Ah. This has happened to me a few times. What you need to realise is that there are a few different versions of VX and none of them are compatible with the others.

Hence - any game made in one version cannot be opened in another.

They can still be played, but not opened for editing.

If this is a game you made on that same version then please disregard the above and I offer my condolences. Good luck. ^.^
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