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This seems like a question that would have been asked before, but I'm going to ask anyways, since it's bothering me.

Is there any way to protect or encrypt your resources in RPGMaker2003?

For a game that used homemade graphics, isn't this important so that people can't take credit for other's work or edit the game file?


Sorry if this is a stupid question!
I've heard something about manually Map Tree breaking your game, but other than that I don't know.
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Moleboxing, I think it was called.

Here is some instructions from a friend of mines, StrangeLuv:

Here are the benefits and disadvantages to doing this:


1. One file. Compact. Easier distribution (non-RM users would more likely play your game and mistake it for a REAL game)

2. Changing your game into this .exe file actually reduces the size of it by 1/4 or so. If you put it in an .RAR, you can cut up to half of the game's original filesize!


1. Unable to alter the game in its .exe state in RPG Maker. This makes bad for people who like to explore the systems or cheat or what have you.

2. Font can be messed up for other computers unless you include the font patch with the game.

3. People might be hesitant to download a weird .exe file.

4. You will lose any saved slots in the game. If it's a game you've been playing for a while, you will have to start over. But there might be a way to get around this.

EDIT - Well apparently, you don't lose them. They just save in My Documents somewhere... where exactly, I don't know.

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Here's a step-by-step method of how to do this.

1. Download a demo of or purchase "Molebox". You can google it because I'm not providing any links. There are trials available on certain sites.

2. Go in your project folder of your game. See that file called RPG_RT.ini?

3. Open it in Notepad and add this line of text at the bottom, "FullPackageFlag=1". Save. This is so that your game will play without the RTP on other computers, if you didn't know this from before.

4. Finished downloading/purchasing Molebox? Okay! Open it up. Browse for the executable file of your game (the RPG_RT.exe file) and open it. Then select the name of your new executable.

5. Now, you will see another section in the same Molebox window to add additional files. Make sure to include ALL your game files you used in your project. If you do not know how to do this, download RMTool and learn how to use it. Go in each folder of your game and add every file from each folder. Don't forget about your maps and other stuff.

*Hint - Set it to TREE mode to confirm that you didn't miss any folders.

6. You're ready to convert your game into the executable! Click "Pack to Box".

7. You're finished! foget gasp Test your game. It's a single executable, it works great (I also think it reduces lag) and you don't have all that other stuff.

I tested it with three games and they all ran swell. The only problem was that I lost my saved games but saving works properly with this.

You might want to be careful of your trees.
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