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I appreciate any work you put into it! Also, you have months to dick around with it. I am busy with a certain other project at the moment.
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Tau, the chipset is pretty much ready! I've been just waiting to see you on msn sometime. :)
Max McGee
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30x50ish it is then Ken. Later then planned though sorry for the waits and all. My cousin came around the other day so Ive just been helping him build a house(We got all the frames up for the first floor in just a few hours!)So I'm hella tired and it gives me time to work on your request man.

@Max - Backstage 2 maps.. Sounds good to me man I'm in, might have to wait while I finish Ken & Reis requests first. I wouldn't even accept money for doing something in Rpgmaker, Just a small hobby of mine is all, it would feel weird haha.

author=Max McGee link=topic=2826.msg54599#msg54599 date=1231443454

Depending on how long this is going on, I might have you carve out the final slice of Backstage 2's maps. I just need to figure out what EXACTLY I need first which might take some time.

Also, this is astonishingly generous of you. If there was something like paypal only for booze, you can bet I would send you some!

If you're still doing this, can you do a city/town for me, please?

I appreciate it.
Would you be willing to help out a newbie? Because it'd really help me move my project along, as I'd like to get a demo out ASAP.
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Sure thing Feld I'll get right on it! How big and anything significant I need to add to it? Almost finished with yours Kentona, just adding a few tidbits here an their.

@Max - But booze costs money ;D
Tau, whenever you can would you be able to make me a map using this chipset. I would like the map to be a dark castle and be perfect for an evil demon lord.

If the map size can be 35x55 that would be great. Thanks.
Devil's in the details
Wow, what happened to my request?
Sure thing Feld I'll get right on it! How big and anything significant I need to add to it?

Make it sort of labyrinthine like. Make it as big as you feel comfortable.
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Is Tau dead?

I have no idea, he still hasn't gotten back to me.
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Ohk Update on the maps.. I have finished Kens & DDs but Feld your one I'm having trouble with, so I'm basically trying to make a new Final Fantasy VI tile set to make the town with as the one you gave me is all fucked up.

I'm at course right now so I'll post the maps in here when I get home.

Reason for the huge delays is my course just started and I'm helping my cousing build a house with some mates and that's been chopping my free time a lot. Rei I'll try get on MSN so I can get the tile of you to start yours.

Sorry for the lateness guys. ;)
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Pff, someone spent too much time in the screenshot thread and not enough time in the editor. ;D
You should post the finished products in this thread for all to see!
I assure you I'm no where NEAR as STUPID as one might think.
I actually wanted to have a world map created. One like Chrono Trigger, where the character sprites shrink down. I will send you the basic shape of the world map and such, if you are willing to work on this one some.
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