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Hello, denizens of rpgmaker.net!

I am Atavus Dei, amateur (and practicing) writer and budding 3D artist, and someone who's actually been around for somewhat of awhile, though as a lurker. I've more or less floated around various sites in the RPG Maker community, and also experimented a little with the various RPG Makers (2000, 2003, VX) in the past, but have never actually joined a community of any kind until now. I figured it'd be about time I go to the next level and start off here. Always wanted to create a game of my own, and well, everyone here seems to share the same mindset. :)

Going deeper into the 3D aspect, I've learned plenty of Maya in the past year and a half, and am thinking of actually developing a webcomic in the future using it and other tools. I'm hoping to start learning Blender sometime soon, as I've heard alot of good things about it, not to mention it's completely free unlike the thousands of green gold Maya's highest package costs. 3D Studio Max is also something else that I want to get into at some point, as I've heard it's what game companies use as compared to Maya's fans in the film-making industry.

In addition, I'm also a techie of sorts, though mid-to-high level (not really heavily into IT stuff, though I know alot of advanced computing concepts and have built computers before). I'm interested in also learning some programming, though that is secondary compared to my desire to do artwork.

I heard you guys needed reviewers for games; well, I'm up for the task. I'll try to make them as informative (and entertaining) as they possibly can. :)

Take care.
sounds good, if your looking for games to review i would suggest these,


Anyway, welcome to RMN.
Welcome to this mainly 2D land, you odd depth filled concept!
Well you actually sound quite interesting. =]

Welcome to the site.
we can always use more reviewers

welcome to the site fellow new person
You seem interesting enough.
Welcome and toast pots.
That thing you want but never who I am
I had used Maya once, briefly, for a media class. I sucked at it. I prefer straightup programming.

Welcome to RMN!
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