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Anyone here play this Warcraft III map? I need to find more people to play against, or with. :P

TDA's system has too many flaws, and public games can get irritating after awhile.
Ooo man, I wish the creator of that protected DotA. There's literally hundreds of versions of that freaking map. Unfortunately I don't have an internet connection capable of keeping up with today's standards so I'm out on it.
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I would just like to interject with this video:
Hey, I'm a very fan of DotA ! ^^ (but since a few time, so I'm a noob xD)

I play with my brother and our chan friends (who are fanatics "doters" since a long time ^^), if you want to join the partys we do (a lot, every evening ! - GMT+1 ^^) go to the chan #2LO at ! ;) (but I suppose the fans here have their own community ^^)

I'm a noob so for the moment I only play the Sniper ^^ (the dwarf).
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