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Well...tonight I had mine when I rebooted my computer, following an uninstallation of my firewall. When the computer showed the first BIOS screen, nothing beyond the motherboard number/BIOS version/press DEL to enter setup/etc. showed up, and it froze for no apparent reason. I couldn't even enter the Setup. Naturally, I thought "fuck, my motherboard fried..." and rebooted several more times, each of them freezing the same way. After several minutes, I saw that my Sansa mp3 player was still plugged in; I thought to myself "how can a lone mp3 player stop my computer from booting?"

Then I unplugged my Sansa, and it started booting normally again. ???

So, what's your story of total random weirdness?
I bought a keyboard a few months ago, a shiny pretty new one from HP, complete with that little dial at the upper right for the volume for music. So I get my new keyboard all plugged in and start typing away on <insert random unimportant thing here>, but realize my hands are dry. So I put some lotion on them and take a few minutes to let the lotion soak into my hands. Apparently, the ink on the keyboard's keys, or the lotion composition, or the alignment of the freaking stars, SOMETHING was bad because I started typing on the keyboard, only to notice a few minutes later that there was white stuff on my fingers. I look down, and to my horror, most of my keyboard keys are now characterless.

Talk about your touch-typing!
Finally, an excuse to post this link.

Seriously, what the hell is this?
I'm sure there was a ton of "wtf" moments for me in the past few days, but I can't seem to recall any right now.

Maybe they weren't as "wtf", as I thought.
I fell off a flight of stairs that only had 5 steps, and then realized I didn't have a set of stairs in my house.

My gramma bought then for the front porch, and left them outside the kitchen.
I played the Endless Setlist 2 on Rock Band 2 for about 5-6 hours. I had just finished Bodhisattva and had only five more songs to go. My sister and her fiance visited. We ordered pizza and watched the movie Cars. During the movie, one of them somehow manipulated the X-Box 360 controller sitting next to them to cause me to exit the gig and lose all the progress I made on the ES2.

When I realized this after they left, I first became very incredulous, then very angry, and then I threw my cheap plastic guitar across the room. But then I read more about the ES2 and learned that all I got for finishing it was some crappy icon. I didn't care so much then :).
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