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Okay so why the hell was this topic ruined again?

It was going so well.

What the fuck is wrong with you people?
Resident Terrapin
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~3-5 hours long, and Chinua Achebe's literary work is very good. It's just his attitude and personality and idea that every single non-African is a pitchfork racist that makes me hate him.

<Achebe> I used to buy my child storybooks about African animals, but then I realized that they were all RACIST. Now my child does not read these stories!

I am not kidding about that. He says it in an interview that I know is on youtube.

Also, thanks for the cracked code.

(MODIFY: that is not my only example of Achebe's jerknessosity; read any interview with him and he is like A WHITE MAN ASKED ME ABOUT MY COUNTRY BUT I KNEW HE WAS MAKING FUN OF MY HERITAGE I IGNORED THE PROFESSOR AND KEPT WALKING)
What are you even talking about Craze? This has nothing to do at all with DOAD
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
This is why we can't have nice things.
Okay, here's the deal.

I made this thread:

In here we can discuss all about the topic of game art, audience and such.

You basically have two options Skie. You can recreate the topic and I'll lock this one, or we can have this one continue and I'll delete ANY further comments about the discussion that has annihilated this game's thread. I am all for the discussion of things like this, but the result here was absolutely dreadful and I am sorry it has come to this.

PM me, post here, whatever.

Yeah, I'll just make a new topic. This one is completely irredeemable. Thanks.
Locked at Skie's request.
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