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Lets try and keep the anime drama to a good 0% this time, okay guys?

~~~ Story ~~~

You are The Kid. You want to be The Guy. To become The Guy you must kill The Gu- Oh wait, wrong game.

It is the morning after a relatively wild party at the Hakurei Shrine last night, in which the resident oni, Suika Ibuki had just a bit too much to drink. Suika wakes up with a killer headache and a upset stomach, but remembers that she has errands to run for a friend. She goes to retrieve her trusty gourd. One of which holds an infinite amount of sake...

...Only to find that her gourd is missing. This wakes her up more than any medicine or alarm clock ever could. Now in a panic with nearly all rational thought nonexistant, Suika rushes off to find her precious gourd. Hilarity ensues.

~~~ Characters ~~~

~ Suika Ibuki ~

The main character. Her gourd was stolen the night before, and now she's frantically searching for it wherever it may be.

~ Marisa Kirisame ~

Considering Marisa's reputation for stea-I mean, borrowing things, she's the first person Suika goes after. But could she actually be innocent this time?

~ Aya Shameimaru ~

Suika runs into Aya after interrogating Marisa. Aya seems to already know about her search, which raises Suika's suspicion.

"Remilia Scarlet"

Suika goes off to see Remilia as part of Aya's possibly bogus advice. Remilia of course has no idea what is going on, but decides to have fun with the situation anyway.

~~~ Game System and Controls ~~~

Arrow Keys: Move Suika around. You can walk in eight directions.

C Key: This will make Suika attack. Press the C Key up to three times to unleash a three hit combo. The last blow send out a shockwave to hit foes that may be a bit further back. Holding C and then releasing it will cause Suika to use her charged skill 'Oni Dense'

Z Key: This will make Suika defend. Defending reduces all damage to zero. You can be guard broken, you can be attacked from behind, and then some things, you just cannot defend against. The Dash Bar turns into a Guard Bar when defending, which lowers upon each defended hit and when emptied, you will be guard broken and take damage.

D Key: This will make Suika use a Bomb/Spellcard 'Oni Sign - Oni Gathering' You can hold a max of ten bombs and each use costs one point.

A Key: Hold A to dash. The Dash Bar continually goes down while A is held and slowly refills when free. When the Dash Bar empties, then Suika will be forced to walk till there is enough meter to dash again.

Double Tap A: This will make Suika do a backtep. All attacks will be dodged during a backstep.

Alt: This will activate Suika's Last Spell, assuming it's available.

Power and Point Items: Power items come in two sizes, large and small. Small power items restore 200 Health, Large ones recover 500 Health. Point items grant you two bombs.

~~~What people are going to look at first~~~


The Game:
Should be standalone. I haven't gotten any complaints about it, so I'd assume it is.

The Font:
Add this to your windows font folder if you don't have Perpetua
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Oh duh. I didn't see the font link and was just about to post that all the text was invisible!

However, it runs absolutely terrible on my office machine. I will have to load it up on my gaming computer this weekend.
For the art, big-eyed indeed. Oh yeah, I liked Meiling's clothing design actually. Later on, I'll play your game, Skie.

BTW, your XP game gave me an idea for me to continue NetGame Crisis Saga. Originally they're for an RM2K3 game, right? (pertaining to sprites and tilesets used)
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So, did we ever determine what DOAD stands for? My guess is Dead On Arrival, Dude.
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
Atavus told me it meant something like Drunk of an Alcohol Dependant or something.
Desperation of Alcoholic Dream. It is only on the title. :P
Desperation of Alcoholic Dream. It says so on the game page.
EDIT: Beaten to the punch by seconds.
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