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My friend and I have been itching to play Starcraft again... So we decided to get a game going tonight. Maybe even something we'd do regularly once a week or something. If any of you have your original disks, Broodwars and a connection, you should come play with us tonight! Both my friend and I are dreadfully out of practice, so don't worry if you're rusty. =P

Anyway, if anybody is actually interested, I'll figure out a channel name and such.

(We're looking specifically for some 2v2 Lost Temple)
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Ive never actually played Starcraft. What makes it better or different from the Command & Conquer series?
Ah! A neat game of starcraft eh? I usually play in the east. Lost Temple is common besides The Big game hunters. Depends if you're a money map type of person. I've not played in so long but I think I should start again. What is your channel so we can perhaps go on about a few rounds. 1v1 is rather interesting for me. I usually get terrible teammates. >:(
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