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Hey everyone,

I just got back to gamemaking, and was just introduced to RMVX, a program that I am loving because it's legal and 150% better than RM2K. However, in making my game, I know I'm not going to be using a lot of custom graphics- if I can import sprites spliced together or color-edited to suit my needs, cool beans, but otherwise I want it as simple for me as possible.

That said, what are everyone's feelings about RMVX games using the RMVX RTP graphics heavily or even exclusively? I remember how sick everyone got with RM2K's RTP, but RMVX at least feels fresh to me- would it be too much of an impediment to use some of the stuff, like the cave graphics or the new music tracks? I definitely don't plan to use just RMVX- I can't really, it doesn't work for my story- but I'd like to use a lot of it if it isn't too irritating/boring/overused by this point.
This is something of a loaded question in this community. =)

Generally speaking, there are people that like it, and people that don't. A lot of VX people use the VX RTP, but it is easy enough to edit other resources to make them useable, as well.

I personally don't care what you use.
I'm going to say no: RMVX never took off as well as RM2k did probably due to the alternatives available (Rm2k(3) and RMXP) and you were supposed to PAY for it (shock and horror!) so there wasn't the same huge influx of Alex Quest and whatnot like there was with Rm2k.

Then again, I've never been to the sites dedicated for RMVX and I've played two RMVX games for more than ten minutes so what do I know.

For clarity, that's a 'no' for 'are people tired of it' (reading comprehension high five)
Honestly, tilesets of rmvx are decent, I just would prefer that some of the pieces were not as square looking. My suggestion would be to import pieces to replace these parts in order to make it look good. And of course the RTP is overused, all RTP are XD.
I hated the VX RTP at first, but it's grown on me a lot and I have no problem using it or playing games that use it. Of course, I do tire of seeing the same charsets are facesets all the time, but the tilesets are as Antifarea said, really decent, forget the fact that it's square, that's just how VX does it.

It is generally a bit more troublesome to replace the tilesets in VX when compared with how easy it was in Rm2k3 etc. It also has less actual resources available than its predecessors.
Well, you know me, RTPrincess and all. I really like the chibi-squishiness of it, though it can be a bit square at times. That can be remedied with good mapping and importing some Mack graphics. (He's got a website where he released RTP graphics every week or so. They fit well with the RTP too.)

So that's a 'FOR' for me.
Thumbs up for RTP graphics for me. It's not overused yet as some people like to moan about.
Basically it goes down to personal preference. Some hate the chibi, early FF style of the VX RTP, but I love it, and it is much nicer to look at than the 2k3 RTP. I say there's no problem with it at all, it really harkens back to the early SNES days.
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I quite like the RMVX RTP. :D
It's like toothpicks against a tank
The VX RTP looks great. You kinda have to learn how to milk it so it doesn't look excessively boxy, though.

The main thing about it is the VX autotile mapping system. Once you get used to it, mapping becomes a very fast, efficient, enjoyable process with very little tile-by-tile micromanagement.

Some of the mack additions are in this one, as well as some XP RTP, but not a huge amount.
I don't have much problem with the rtp tiles or music but I do have a lot of problems with everything else liek the face sets and the characters sprites. They are overused and I don't want to see some impersonating as Ralph in every Vx game that come my way.
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1. Hello Mr. Y. :]

2. I've never played through an RMVX game because they still seem slightly under-developed to me. Maybe that's because RTP graphics sort of give that vibe no matter which RM you use. That's not to say that RMVX games are terrible, or games that use default graphics stink, but it sort of gives me that predisposition at first.
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I have nothing against it when it is used well.


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It's hard enough to sit down and come up with a compelling WELL designed RPG plus some sort of moderately interesting story (if you are into that sort of thing) without spending weeks gathering together 50MB of custom sprites/tilesets/battlers as it is.

I have never played an RPM game and thought, "Gosh these sprites aren't original I'm bored!" No, I usually thought, "THIS CUTSCENE IS TAKING FOR FUCKING EVER! I'M REALLY FUCKING BORED!"

Ahem. As an example there.
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