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Big, hot things that burn down buildings and hurt people.

Last night at 2:00 my apartment building building caught on fire a the top right corner. Luckily, everyone got out. Plus absolutely none of my stuff was damaged. It was still kinda freaky though in your car looking at enourmous flames...

Has anybody else on RMN had to do with a fire before? (Other than watching...)

Sorry to hear about your fire ordeal, but glad to hear that you didn't lose anything, though I bet your stuff reeks of smoke. It can be very nerve-wracking especially when you don't know exactly the how/why/whens (but it's still nerve-wracking when you do).

God, yes. I hate fire so much.

My family seems to be cursed when it comes to fires - we've had a ton of them.
- Our house once burned down
- A couple of rooms gutted (kitchen, bedroom x2, caravan x2)
- Who knows how many chimney fires

We also live in an area that's been known to have a lot of bush fires. Thankfully only small ones this year (though other areas nearby weren't so lucky - Victorian Bush Fires) but quite a few big ones a couple of years back.

So yeah. Not a fan of fire, I.
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There are some serious brush fires happening in Chile right now, and California has been in a drought for 3 years (with lots of fires).

Personally, though, I haven't had any issues with fire. I set off the fire alarm regularily with my cooking, however.
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When I was 8, the apartment I lived in caught fire while I was home alone. We lived in the top unit and the fire was on the roof. I was home from school and the ceiling started to leak a lot of water. I saw the landlord outside on the ground and opened the window to talk to her.

She yelled at me "Get out of there, honey!" and I quickly ran out. That image has been ingrained into my memory.

I also lost my favorite pillow. Quite traumatic for an 8 year old.
My Apartment burned down while I was about to finish grade school and attend middle school with a few friends of mine. I was forced to move to another borough for a little over a year with some family I really didn't care for. I'm pretty sure that's the reason for my lunacy.
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I have not had any negative experiences with fire! I guess I am really lucky compared to you guys. :<
I burnt the skin off my left elbow thanks to fire but I can't say I hate it. It keeps a lot of us alive.
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I also lost my favorite pillow. Quite traumatic for an 8 year old.

Ever since this WIP has retained his crankiness! :)

My field has caught on fire before. I got home from church and it was small at the time, and I had it almost completely beat out and my mom told me to go in and change my clothes since they were nice. Then I came back outside and it was about 10 times the size of when I saw it. I was like wtf? I was gone for 30 seconds and now it's this big?! So we had to call the fire department after that.
Not really, I have seen it in person and in TV but never had to deal with an actual situation like my house burning, etc... I think that a lot of fires can be prevented, it's just a matter of being careful, unless it's something that cannot be avoided... cases dealing with electricity, issues with nature, etc.
One time my older brother filled a small bucket half-full (half-empty!?) with gasoline and then tossed a lit match into it. It wasn't the best plan he's had.

Also, whenever I leave the house, I'm always worried I left the oven or the space heaters on :o.
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