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I've gotten it to work (sometimes) on my sister's windows vista, but it has to have the rpgss repeatedly reinstalled, since every now and then vista decides to reject it. Still, it is designed for XP. Bear in mind the whole thing is compressed as an exe (huge game otherwise, though more because of mp3s and graphics than story length), so it isn't a simple unzip and play thing.

It seems to have a rather sharp battle curve, where (with the right weapons) battles suddenly go from very hard (the first monsters will KILL you in one hit) to very easy. Not sure how to fix this, but I managed to at least make the later enemies tough enough to withstand a few hits from your best weapon at the higher levels. It takes 5-20 hours I'd say (5 if you know what you're doing, 20 if you don't since the high hp of some bosses, means very long battles, not to mention certain plot points may not be completely obvious).

Oh, and it is NOT a demo. I worked on it months-years in advance but had trouble posting until I found this site.
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I think a mod would say to post screenshots right about now.
...So, what is this exactly? A game post?

Try posting a description of the game itself, screenshots and maybe a link to the gamepage??
I'm playing the game right now but I'm seriously stuck with getting some keys in a haunted looking mansion.
Okay screenshots and a link, huh?

The first scene.

The opening title screen.

You're pretty near the end, Atcherso. Try fighting enemies and searching weird looking statues. If you're where I think, the keys you need should be inside an axe (when it falls, the hollow handle slides off to reveal a key *kinda glitchy though as I didn't stop this movement*) and in the sheets of a bed.
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hmm I am excited to find out what happens with the storehouse :o
whoap. beautful titel screen. real-ly
End the sarcasm guys...
I'm going to be straight up. That title screen looks pretty bad. I'm sure one of the guys here at RMN will gladly make you a better one, you should make a request in the Help section.
Oh, I don't know. The image itself is rather pretty, it's just the font/writing that needs a bit of work.
Personally I'd be working more on my mapping - it's quite bland. Try to add a few living things into the screen - bushes, flowers, animals.
I'd give it a go if my computer didn't hate XP so much. Strange that it doesn't mind VX, though.
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I'd give it a go if my computer didn't hate XP so much. Strange that it doesn't mind VX, though.

Your computer has taste, that's all.
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