can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
BATTLECRY was Raider >:(
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5) Fuck you God Hand*

Gimme some time and I'll whip this up. I did a quick test to make sure the concept was possible but I never did half the moves (not sure if I can do Guts but I'm not too worried about cutting it)

Oh yeah I was supposed to do this wasn't I?

Some stuff I couldn't do due to Rm2k3. Wake Up Slap doesn't do damage to who it hits (even negative values still heal the characters). Suplex just does raw damage sine I couldn't get a status effect to only stick for one turn and do damage (my attempt at doing %-based damage). Similar issue with Dragon Kick, it just has a chance of instant KO instead of only killing regular enemies. And Guts. I had no idea how to make it work with a single character so its just a self-heal now.

Also if you open it up in a regular Rm2k3 it'll probably lose all of its DB stuff that actually makes it work, so uh, don't use a regular Rm2k3. Use the one included (if this is a problem go ahead and ditch how I did this because doing it without a modified editor would be stupid)

Also a mor extreme way of making stats matter with skills in Rm2k3. Attributes can now give 100x bonus damage instead of just 10x. Should make stats matter with skills pretty easily now.
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That's right come crawling back to Missiongarde you losers

What he said.
Some of us never left or went over to the Maxside. However, pondering games is fun, its far less work.
Bumping this topic back up since there is renewed interest (at least in naming countries anyway).

I want to know Kentona's word on how things should be going.
I've been moving. :(

I bought a new house, but I hope to start seriously working on this within a week. I'll post a real update on Monday, July 13th.
It's Friday now. Where's the update?
Update: The next update will be on the 26th at 24:59.9999999 Saskatchewan time
Update: The next update will be on the 26th at 24:59.9999999 Saskatchewan time

Okay, it's the 27th. Where's that update that I said you would give at the end of the 26th kentona?
oh right. Here it is:

I have done nothing on this game since I last posted that refined class list.
Good, good. See people, progress is being made. (i.e. we have progressed to people admitting that they have done nothing)
Did anyone want to take over as lead? I can give them everything I got. Alternatively, we can vote to have me remain as lead, even though I haven't produced anything in over a month.
I don't think anyone else would make a better lead for this project. Max tried his hand in it, and so far he hasn't progressed any further than you, AFAIK. I'd take up the reigns, except I'm kinda busy with this whole FFT 1.3 Playthrough thing.

I'd probably vote to keep you, if there even needs to be a vote.
No one look at me, I'm only good for coding cool but ultimately pointless 3D things.
I think I posted and mentioned writing music for this at one point but did anyone reply? I am sorry I do not post more regularly.
I think this has been stalled because of me. No worries!