Exactly as the title describes. Name your top 10 favorite RM Games you've ever played, 1 being the best (prefferably ones from this site). Here's mine.

1 - The Longing Ribbon
2 - The Way
3 - Aura Fell
4 - The Blue Contestant
5 - Wilfred the Hero
6 - Three, the Hard Way
7 - Hero's Realm
8 - Demon Legacy
9 - Grave Spirit
10 - A Blurred Line

Do note, 10 doesn't mean that I dislike the game, it just means that it's the 10th part of my top ten favorites.
Been done to death, but I'll post a list of games anyway. I'll make it a bit more interesting, too. Also, I am not putting them in order.

Rise of the Third Power (Great presentation, good writing and pacing, neat battle ideas)
Aurora Wing (Well-crafted TBS, decent characterization - story goes nowhere though)
Master of the Wind (Well-written, great dungeon design, fun concept)
Three the Hard Way (Well-written, fun concept)
Love and War (Well-written, great characterization, bad battles)
A Blurred Line (Great concept)
Legacies of Dondoran (Cool skill system, nice traditional epic)
Last Scenario (Epic, complete, NO BUGS - nice skill system, challenging, well-written)
Exit Fate (Epic, complete, NO BUGS - cool battles, well-written)
Kinetic Cipher (Again) (Well designed, well-written, great dungeons, good characterization)

And as a bonus, a list of popular games I DON'T like!

Grave Spirit (Badly written, muddy graphics, bad puzzles - only succeeds at ambience because of a dark tint)

Naufragar Crimson (Badly written, terrible characterization reminiscent of a campy emo anime, pointless systems)

Balmung Cycle (I actually like this game. I am just putting it here to be spurious and contentious. Also, every time Aldrick opens his mouth I die a little more inside.)

Quintessence (This is pretty neat at times, but it tries too hard to do things it really does NOT need to do and gets dragged down by them.)

Ara Fell (It's impossible to not hate a game when you test it over and over again for about a year.)
1. The Way
2. Sunset Over Imdahl
3. Pangaea Chronicles
are my top three, too lazy to order the rest.

Power Trip
Forgotten Origins
Iron Gaia
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven
Kinetic Cipher
Grave Spirit
Love and War
Three the Hard Way
Jay's Journey
Seekers of the Sun
FF: Endless Nova

I have like 20 gigs of RPGMaker games. - - edit: it's actually 30.8 GB

Oh, yeah, and Ghost in a Bottle.
1) Demon Tower

2) Heroes' Realm

3) Wilfred, The Hero

4) FF1-2

5) Alter AILA (not Genesis, not Varient)

6) Cavern Of Doom

7) Aurora Wing


9) Generica

10) Mage Duel
In no particular order:

Sunset Over Imdahl
Love and War
With Her Father's Sword
Whispered Cries
Epic: The Genesis Project
Wilfred the Hero
Phylomortis 2 (yes, I'm being serious)

And there was this one series for RMXP that I really enjoyed, made by someone named "Euphonic," but I can't remember the title -- it's been quite a while since I watched it.

And UNLIKE Craze (loledits), I did like Starlancer Six.

Those are my top favorites, but that doesn't mean I haven't played some of the better games like:

Legacies of Dondoran
Kinetic Cipher (Again)
The Frozen World
Three the Hard Way
Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven
A Blurred Line
Hero's Realm
Aurora Wing

You did say "ever played," not just "favorite."
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4) FF1-2


trance: I can understand Ph:AG, but Phylo2? What the heck?


-Naufragar: Crimson (stfu karsu, this game is FUN)
-Ara Fell (EVERSNOW)
-Rise of the Third Power (Corrina rocked)
-Generica (It's short, complete, fun!)
-Max's chronomancer game from Ghostlight (THIS GAME WAS AMAZING)
-Balmung Cycle (I agree about Aldrick, but everything else is great)
-Epic Monster Dungeon Explore (the game that started so much...)
-Last Scenario (Ethan is so <3 )
-Kinetic Cipher (Again) (duh; also, I am geh for Brickroad's games)
-The Frozen World (I admit that I cheated my way through, but it was still great)
-Three the Hard Way (...although it's too long to replay!)
-Doodieroodie (I actually beat the Deep Venom Depths ;_; )

Games that I hate: Worldsong, Worldsong, Worldsong

A game that I wanted to hate: Starlancer Six
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4) FF1-2


Am I nobody then? :'(

Also, Red Mages have the greatest faceset EVER. PERIOD.
The only RM games I've played that I REALLY liked (as in, enough to hunt their creators down and see what they're up to) was Velsarbor and Dark Soul (a french game, and one of my first).

Other than that.. well I played and beat quite a few, but all of them were lacking in one way or another that just didn't make me feel like they were undoubtedly well worth the time spent to play them.

(yes I'm sure my games are probably the same)
I have 49GB of RM games on my computer...

Thus, I've played quite a few. My personal top 10 is:

1) The Way
2) Prophecy: Demon Kingdom
3) The Longing Ribbon
4) Ravenwood Horror
6) Lurking Under Life
7) Epoch and Epoch 2 (really obscure these two, but I liked them)
8) Everything Turns Grey
9) Aveyond
10) Everlong

I've noticed most of you enjoy playing games that are now several years old. Old games are good, but you people here certainly need to play some MODERN RM games.
Or maybe no one else likes Aveyond.
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Aveyond is trash.
Agreed about Aveyond.

Also, there haven't been many good "modern" games. The only ones I can think of off the top of my head that are XP+ are Master of the Wind and... See, there you go.
Oh come on... You guys don't even have half the popular new games here. I'm not forcing you to play some new games, but I certainly think you should. Prophecy Demon Kingdom for example is fantastic and many people think it rivals The Way.
I agree with Trance2 on RMXP/VX, except replace Master of The Wind with Granciel Witches!/Memories of Mana/Vampire Girl/Sefia/Demon Tower. The kicker being that four out of five are foreign. I check out the 'modern' english communities quite a bit, and none of the games interest me much. Nearly all of them seem to be clones of each other with different stories and those same characters from this guy: shuffled around with different roles. :|

My point is that I've played good RMXP/VX games. Just, none of them were english, Demon Tower being the sole exception.

Anyway, since I'm posting...

In no particular order

Phantasia 4: I believe this to be J-Man's best work so far. It wasn't some epic technical achievement, but I found it to be a good all around game at the basic level.
Forgotten Origin: The game that got me into the DBS, it also helps that it was a well designed game all around. Too bad it's not finished.
Balmung Cycle: More of the above.
Wraith/Sainth: The story was pretty intriguing and I liked the sideview perspective the game took.

and then the five I mentioned above.
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Forgotten Origin: The game that got me into the DBS, it also helps that it was a well designed game all around. Too bad it's not finished.

Man. FO keeps going places (I used to talk with Dis all the time) but then it's like OH WAIT NEEDLEIF and so Dis disappears for a year and starts over.

Also, I agree 110% about those charsets, Skie.
10. Love and War
9. Zephyrus and the Kingdom of Heaven
8. Three The Hard Way
7. Exit Fate
6. Last Scenario
5. Dawn of Darkness Legends - Nightwish
4. Hero's Realm
3. ABL
2. The Way
1. Kinetic Cipher

Some honorable potentials:

Kindred Saga The characters, dialogue and the way the cut-scenes were molded together. The battle system was just stupid.

Demon Tower Throwing in a shitton of cute typical RPG characters at a boss is fun.

Angel of Exodus I really liked this game especially since its one of the few adventure rm2k/3 games that isn't horror. Also the midnight irish feeling throughout this game was simply beautiful

Diary of a Madman This game gets the horror theme right. And no, not in a way of you playing as a defenseless little girl in some mansion. I mean a grimdark legacy of kain type fantasy world where vampires, necromancers, corruption, and evil are everywhere. Also badass main character.


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Prophecy Demon Kingdom for example is fantastic and many people think it rivals The Way.

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While I wouldn't say that Zephyrus and Diary of a Madman are the absolute best games that I've ever played... man, are they good. I need to finish Zephyrus again.
Huh, I was never big on Forgotten Origin. In matter of fact, I found it nigh unplayable. Maybe it's because I heard all of the plot and it sounded a lot like Beloved Rapture.

Which, FTR, is not what I'd call a good thing. No offense, Blind. =)
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I'm surprised that Generica made anyone's list.

I haven't really played enough games to make a Top 10 list, but KC(A) would be on it, and probably Ara Fell.
Last Scenario
Exit Fate
Hero's Realm