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Fun fact, since I see someone mentioned Legion Saga. About once a year, someone asks me if I made Legion Saga, or just assumes that I did.

I think you misunderstood; you are the Legion Saga.
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Well your name was Legion.. But that doesn't take away the fact Kamau put his name in the start and end of most of his games.
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Don't worry, it's all the time dragon's fault anyway
I am here to grace you all with another cool game.

So I just played this German game called Peuteris Grey. It's made by Lachsen (yes), GFlügel, and Intero. It's one of the best games I have played in awhile, even though it is in another language. It's about some police crime investigators who fight giant rats in sewers. There are some very interesting gameplay mechanics here, and it certainly is one of the most polished games I have seen in a long time. (video)

It was for a gameboy theme contest, so they were limited to 4 colors and some absolutely incredible custom music.

edit: Whoops. Link to game.
Those goddamn germans stole my RPG Maker->Gameboy idea. :'(
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Jesus Christ that looks good. What can't Laschen do with Rpgmaker 2000.
Balmung Cycle/Ascendence/Hero's Realm
Hey, that German game does look rather good. I've never seen a Gameboy styled game like that.

Recently I played the RM game Balmung Cycle after hearing good things about it. Not bad, but I have seen better. Don't get me wrong though, it is a great game.
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Jesus Christ that looks good. What can't Laschen do with Rpgmaker 2000.

We call him Lachsen. ;) Many things are possible with RPGmaker 2000, for example this game (made by Lachsen xD):

1. Von Menschen und anderen Dämonen
2. Quintessence - The Blighted Venom
3. Velsarbor
4. Wilfred, the Hero
5. Unterwegs in Düsterburg.

Most of them are in german, so the most of you wouldn't understand why I think these games are great. ;D

This list changes all the time.
Someone really needs to compile a show-case of really well-done foreign games to bring down our collective self-esteem.
Yeah, and for some reason all the REALLY GOOD foreign games seem to be German...
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It's their INNER CELT.

Guess my ethnicity.
I can't say objectively which games I've played that are the best, but I can mention all the games I've played that I liked. I must admit, however, that I have not finished any of the full-games on this list:

In a semi-chronological order:
Kindred Saga
FF: Endless Nova
Naufrager Crimson
Aurora Wing
Legend of the Philosopher's Stone
Shichimenchouken: Sword of the Seven-Faced Bird
Pokemon the Evil Inside 2
Epic Monster Dungeon Explorer 2
Demon Tower
Sore Losers
Exit Fate
Hero's Realm
Starless Umbra
Generica gets some love.
Top Four
Love and War(1st game and demo)
Three the Hard Way
Romancing Walker
Demon Legacy
(yay for characterisation)

Other Games I Enjoyed
Ascendence seems promising
A Blurred Line
Book of Three
Starless Umbra
Sore Losers
The Most Stupidest Game Ever Redux
I remember Legion Saga being bloody awesome. Though it's been about 4 years since i've played it.
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
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I must admit, however, that I have not finished any of the full-games on this list:

EMDE!2 is two hours long and Generica is <10 hours long. How did you not beat them?
Except EMDE2; forgot that wasn't a demo. Generica, I'm working on. Very slowly.
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Starless Umbra
Glad you enjoyed it. :)

I was playing Sonic & Knuckles and Flying Battery Zone got me thinking about Chimera Report. (It was used as the battle theme.) That game, though only really a battle demo, was actually pretty enjoyable. I loved the setting and the dialogue fit well, despite the awkward formatting. Of course, the CBS/CMS can be a little sensitive sometimes, but overall a good 30 minutes of gameplay.

PS, what's up with the 2007 RM2k3 remake? I discovered that too, but I didn't like it as much. It felt like a step down.