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Has anyone played Geondun and know how you do all the complicated picking classes and races and stuff? I really want to know so maybe I could create a bit where you pick all your characters... :D I feel like it's something I have to know in order to create a good game. So, can anyone tell me how you do it? ???
It's not hard to set up a system like that if you know what you're doing, but all I can really tell you is figure out what all the event commands do, particularly controlling switches and variables. Depending on the maker you're using, you can probably right-click something and select "What is this?" to get an explanation.
Thanks. I'll try that when I'm making my next game. If anyone else has anything to say, I'll check it. ;D 8)
why would i heal when i could equip a morningstar
How to make an effective class system:

1) Play FF5.

2) Play DQ3.

3) Play FFX-2.

4) Play Hero's Realm.

5) Learn how to do dynamic text in RM* message boxes (protip: change hero name).

6) Know how to make a decent evented system in RM*.

7) Purchase RMVX.

8) Make your class system.
? Er... I can't follow all of these steps (too much) :o But... I'll try doing my homemade way. It's okay.
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