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I really, really want some Star Wars Tilesets. Or sprites. Or really anything. If you have anything relating to Sta Wars, I would greatly appreciate it if you let me use it.
Thanks. :)
I actually don't have any but you could probably find a lot of them on charas. Just type that in google and it's like the first link. You can pretty much find anything you want on that site.
I found several star wars characters for xp here

If you go here:
and search up star wars, the have:
23 character sets, 6 face sets, 4 chipsets, 27 monsters, 1 game over, 3 titles, 6 midis, 1 battle animation, 3 battle characters and 4 weapon sets.

That should be enough to get you started.
Do you guys know any for RPG Maker 2/k3? Because that's what I'm planning to use.
(Thx for the xp ones, though)
I already got virtually all of the ones from charas project, though thanks for pointing it out.
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