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1. Diablo 2 Expansion
2. Unreal Tourtment
3. Guild Wars
4. Halo
5. Command And Conquer
6. Star Craft
7. Warcraft III
8. Final Fantasy XI
9. Age Of Empires
10. World Of Warcraft
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
I can't respect any list that includes Final Fantasy XI.

1. StarCraft
2. Deus Ex
3. SimCity
4. Civilization IV
5. The Sims
6. Hexen
7. World of WarCraft
8. Fallout
9. Tropico
10. Lord of the Rings Online

I left off a bunch of games that were seriously multiplatform, like Knights of the Old Republic. Honestly, I look for an entirely different type of gaming experience on the PC than I do on a console.
Are you american FF 7 freaking owned on ps one u got to like some FF games
What does nationality have to do with ANYTHING?

He's entitled to his tastes.

10. Outlaws
9. Max Payne 2
8. Space quest 6
7. Sanitarium
6. Curse of Monkey Island
5. Full Throttle
4. Fallout 2
3. Starcraft
2. Warcraft III
1. Grim Fandango
Conquest is made from the ashes of one's enemies.
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Are you american FF 7 freaking owned on ps one u got to like some FF games

I said Final Fantasy XI. FFVII was one of my favorite games back in the day, and I enjoy many other Final Fantasy titles. I tried to like FFXI, I really did. But it let me down.
1.Age of Empires III Expansion
2.Age of Empires II Expansion
3.Diablo II Expansion
4.Dungeon Keeper
5.Starcraft Expansion
6.Warcraft II Expansion
7.Civilization III
8.D&D Online
9.Might and Magic VIII
10.Might and Magic VII

As some of you may guess, I haven't tried Warcraft III cause I can't afford it. I heard it's good though.
Warcraft 3 is fantastic. The single player campaign isn't as perfect as Starcraft, but the multiplayer is extraordinarily balanced. It plays differently than Starcraft, it's not so much about numbers as it is about micromanagement and speed. I love it though, and have played countless hours online.
RMN sex symbol
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I said Final Fantasy XI. FFVII was one of my favorite games back in the day, and I enjoy many other Final Fantasy titles. I tried to like FFXI, I really did. But it let me down.
I feel your pain my friend, my brother got up lvl 70 sometihng though, also had the name Blade, I mean that was like Woah haha.
The only really PC game i play is "The Sims". I have currently got every sims title there is out. It's just so cool to be someboby else for a change, date many women, hold parties like every day.
1. The Elder Scrolls 2: Daggerfall
2. Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne
3. StarCraft
4. The Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion
5. Ultima Online
6. World of Warcraft
7. Age of Wonders 2: Shadow Magic
8. Civilization 4
9. Little Big Adventure 2
10. Super Metroid on an SNES Emulator with a PSX->USB Controller
well i really dont play games made for the computer...

1. diablo II
2. vantage master V2
3. Shadowflare
4. warcraft 2
I am hijacking this topic for this week's Top Ten because I am lazy because this is what I was going to do anyways because I'm lazy.

..:: Top 10 List of Favorite PC Games ::..

10. Descent
The first true 3D shooter. Playing this game in multiplayer made one paranoid - the enemy could be behind you, above you or below you.

9. SimCity 2000
Sweet city building fun!

8. Diablo
The original hack n' slash RPG. For some reason, I was always the warrior.

7. Civilization III
Just one more turn....

6. SimGolf
Strangely addictive...

5. Unreal Tournament
This is what a FPS should be. Crazy intense guns-blazing shooting with unqiue and interesting weaponry.

4. C&C: Red Alert
I spent many an hour modding this game. And playing it. It was all about the tank rush, though...

3. StarCraft
Zerg FTW.

2. Command & Conquer 95 + Expansion
I fell in love with this RTS and it really hasn't waned over a decade later. It's a great game, and it's simple (as far as RTSs go nowadays) - and in this case simple is good. The 2D graphic interface allowed for very hectic and quick interaction with the game, something that was lost when everyone moved to 3D interfaces. C&C95 is INTENSE.

1. Diablo II + Expansion
I am still very addicted to this game.

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Not really a PC-game sort of person,'s a couple of good ones, in no particular order.

-The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion
I actually haven't gotten very far in this, but so far it's ridiculously impressive. Opening is much more action-packed than Morrowind.

You know, the one where you destroy your desktop with chainsaws, hammers, etc? You could fill the screen with termites and then shoot them all to death with a machine gun, or torch your background to black with a flamethrower. There was also a Christmas edition.

-Rayman 2: The Great Escape
Not sure how many other games there are where you can slide down an enormous ice floe suspended in midair, fight mechanical pirates, float from place to place on enormous plums, waterski through a creature-infested swamp while being pulled by a sea-serpent and ride around on a missile with legs. Really funny in some parts, and immensely entertaining, but it gets hard later on.

-The Sims
Freeze your character, move him into a room with no entrance using a cheat code, and set the whole thing on fire. Never gets any less disturbing.

Would this count?
author=Mewd link=topic=382.msg4929#msg4929 date=1194830044
Warcraft 3 is fantastic. The single player campaign isn't as perfect as Starcraft, but the multiplayer is extraordinarily balanced. It plays differently than Starcraft, it's not so much about numbers as it is about micromanagement and speed. I love it though, and have played countless hours online.
I hate micromanagement in RTSs. Warcraft III wasn't fun for me.

I like controlling armies of different units and manipulating the unit groups to wage a war. I don't want to have to select a single Mage to cast Blizzard or whatever.
PC is probably my main gaming platform and over the years I've played so many awesome games on it that it's hard to keep track of, but I'll throw in some kind of list. I think I won't include any RPGs since the list of the awesome RPGs are in my "RPGs you've beaten" list. (repeated here for you: Fallout (1&2), Planescape Torment, Arcanum, Vampire Bloodlines)

10. Commandos 2
Commandos 2 is a nice little game. The engine is wonderful and whenever I play it I just feel like "What would an RPG look like in this?". Other than that it is also challenging (at least until you 'get' how to exploit the game to win) and it provided me with hours of challenge and fun. It desreves to be on the list a bit at least.

9. Deus Ex
Deus Ex was my first encounter with proper storytelling in FPSes. My experiences before that was Perfect Dark and Medal of Honour. This game combined player skill with player character skill and had many interesting features which I quickly took to heart as I wandered around being bad-ass in seomthing I thought was a fairly non-linear environment. (It turned out on the second playthrough that it really was everything but)

8. Battlefield 1942 (with FinnWars mod)
BF1942 was basically my first experience with online shooters. I had only recently starte playing around with single players shooters and had at most played a lan game or two with very few players. Playing BF online was tough but with the FinnWars mod that was a complete conversion with Soviet vs Finland and with weapons that usually did one hit kills.

I was loving it. Running around as the Soviets (because everyone wanted to be Finn so I went with Soviet) shooting people on well-crafted maps. Mortar fire, trench warfare. It was very static defensive most of the time but I just love that because it meant slow moving and killing people at a distance. I had great fun. I love the mod.

7. Silent Storm (and other squad based tactical games)
I'll put in Silent Storm because I feel that it is the game that is the most developed and organic of the bunch I've played. Sure I haven't played a whole lot (Fallout Tactics and Jagged Alliance 2) but this is a genre I'd like to see more cool stuff in. It feels a lot like a board game in its turn based goodness and there are few things more satisfying than setting up a couple of squadmembers sneaking around some enemies then popping up all at once to put some burst firey goodness into the chest of unsuspecting enemies.

Silent Storm has the added value that anything can be destroyed and it's very satsifying to set an explosive charge on a bearing pillar of an enemy house and see it crumble before your eyes, taking many enemies with it.

6. Day of the Tentacle
I played this before I got a computer at a relative's house and I just loved it. This game will basically represent the whole Adventure Game genre. A genre that died at about the same time as I got a computer (Discworld 2 and Blade Runner were released about then, two highly recommended adventure games too). Day of the tentacle has such a lovely humour and quirky graphics and all kinds of good stuff.

5. Football Manager 2006 (or actually Championship Manager 97/98)
My first meeting with manager games was a two week demo of some strange manager game and I just looked at it in awe. Managing a team and not having to play the actual games, just give tactical advice and buy and sell players. Awesome. I got the old Championship Manager and to be honest I was never too good. But over several seasons I managed to get a third division team (Scarborough)up to the second division and it was great. The players got personalities they didn't really have and there was loyalty to the team while trying to keep the balance sheet good and proper. My biggest moment was a cup semi-final vs Manchester United that I won with my then second division team.

Now a bunch of years later I bought Football Manager 2006 for cheap mostly for my little brother but management games are just so much fun. Or at least football management. I tried an Ice Hockey manager but the fact that there's so much more to keep track of in terms of players on the ice (all those lines) the players didn't develop the same kind of personality and also I think the interface was a bit sucky... But I'd love a good Ice Hockey manager, that would just be golden.

4. Worms 2 (& Worms Armageddon... And any other worms really)
I first played Worms 2 at a friend's place and... I don't really know how to describe it. It was insanely cool basically. It still is even though it's been a while since I played it (I tried some on the whole GW #worms thing, but I just love Worms hotseat more...). I remember downloading bunches of sound packs and even making my own and just having a fun time all around. I later got Worms Armageddon too, where I actually played through the single player campaign and had my first attempts at online play.

3. Total War (Medieval Mostly, and Medieval II of course)
Total War was a series I wasn't sure about. I mostly bough it by mistake since it was a "buy three pay for two" and I didn't know what my third game would be when I had two in my hands. But I had heard some stuff about Total War even though I was tired of RTSes that were Command & Conquer clones or just had that build army-attack base thing going on. I couldn't really understand what Total War was about except that they said it was an RTS and I said "RTSes suck".

Damn I was wrong. Total War really captured the battles in cool and it had a decent campaign mode too. After playing Shogun and feeling it a bit limited I bought Medieval and it opened up new horizons. Then I downloaded (tssk tssk) Rome and saw that it too was pretty cool (But I wasn't interested in Roman battle era thingies.). And yeah. Medieval II improved on plenty of aspects. I've had it for a while, playing an English campaign completely and messing around with some other nationalities. There's enough game there for me to be happy for a while.

2. Civilization 3 (&2 & Alpha Centauri)
Civ 2 was one of my first computer games. I wasted plenty of time on it but lost it in a hard drive crash at some time. Fortunately there was Alpha Centauri which was Civ with an SF theme. A really good SF theme no less. Alpha Centauri is a setting that has some serious potential and a couple of years ago I found a comic book set in it and apparently there was some other stuff created too (I also found a GURPS sourcebook which I had to have).

Well I got Civ3 which had culture. And I like culture. It also improved on a lot of other things. To great shame I haven't yet tried Civ4 but I hear that it has improved on a lot of things and changed around bits and pieces to make the game flow better. Eventually I will try it and hopefully I'll fall in love.

1. The Orange Box
Okay. I had never tried Half-Life or Half-Life 2 before getting the Orange Box. To me the box was basically too good to pass up when thinking about it from that perspective. 50€ for five games? Count me in. All the games are high-quality. Half-Life 2 is apparently a bit outdated but to me it doesn't feel that way (I guess I just don't play a lot of current games), it's the most varied, exciting and well-crafted FPS I've ever played. It has so much game in it that it is hard to believe. And none of the areas feel wrong either. There's horror, action, tactics, blowing up shit. Everything is basically there. I bet some games do individual aspects better but damn if HL2 doesn't put it all together in a package that can hardly be beat.

Combine this with the best game of the year: Portal. Which is all the awesomeness of a short story in game format. and Team Fortress, which is just a fun multiplayer shooter so far away from my regular BF2142 that they can happily exist side by side.

This should win nearly everything.

This list probaly isn't ordered correctly. And there is plenty of stuff I'm missing out on that is awesome. Mostly small indie stuff or free stuff. But what can you do? Dwarf Fortress and Liberal Crime Squad are two awesome ASCII games. Space Empires (and later nowadays the similar and still great Galactic Civilizations) is a great "Civ in space". A strategy game that deserves some mention is also Hearts of Iron, that is just massively epic in ways that I couldn't understand at first.

You can probably tell quite about about what kind of gamer I am by this list.
It's like toothpicks against a tank
1. Starcraft
2. Elder Scrolls: Morrowind
3. Civilization 4
4. Civilization 2
5. Alpha Centauri
6. Age of Empires 2: AoK
7. World of Warcraft
8. Diablo 2
9. Command and Conquer
10. Warcraft 2
Kenton have you got any cool mods for me to play?
Mods of the oringal C&C? No, I never got into that.

I did spend a lot of time playing around in RA, though. I made a sweet-ass RA to C&C95 conversion mod - having an 8 player C&C95 skimish is sweet. Plus, I have a ton of maps.
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