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Beard power! Say NO to shaving.
Say NO to shaving.

This guy gets it.

Newfoundland represent.
RMN sex symbol
Some glorious beards in here, I love it. I can't really grow one, just a scruff at best, so I am totally not jealous or anything... Not jealous at all :\
D'awwww there's so many beauteeful peoples here! It was so sad when my boyfriend used to regularly trim his beard down to nothing :(

Pre recent dread removal

*scary face*

I cropped out my friend cause I know she's on the private side and might not like having her pic in a forum. We may or may not have had a questionable level of sobriety at the time of the pic.

That weird facebook thing that was all like "POST PIC WITH NO MAKUPON OR HURR PRETTYINUPPIN" which is me 95% of the time anyway

Post recent dread removal

Bonus; my kitty, Chino, who regularly helps me video game as demonstrated below

Awww that cat looks just like mine...... except not as evil!!
Awww that cat looks just like mine...... except not as evil!!

LOL Chino isn't evil, just a total asshole. I said this to everyone and they laugh, then they met him and were all like "Holy shit. You're cat's such an asshole." MMHMM. Just. So. Cute DX he was young in that picture, he's getting big, fluffy and fat now lol
Now I feel obligated to post pictures of my cat.

His name is Salem. Sadly, my mother bought him only a month before I moved to Toronto, so I barely got to enjoy him being a kitten. I am expecting to be weirded out by his growth when I return home at Christmas.
Oh man, I love cute cats. Here's my dear sweet baby kitten, Babacaddon. Or Jade. It depends on who you ask.

msn your cats are so cute omfg ;____________; <3

Some pictures of mine because yeah <3

She's fourteen years old now, though in the pictures she was 11~13!

Also, as a bonus, me 10 years ago playing Final Fantasy 1!

(with my cute little pesty brother ;w; he's really a pest but I love him. <3 )
always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
Are those binoculars for the video game?
Edit: hey, that's PlayStation FF1, cheater!
Devil's in the details
I gave my cat to my mother, so I can't pose with him, but here's a somewhat dark pic of me:

ps. I feel I don't look like my age. .-.
pps. calunio insists I don't look like human, anyway.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Caturday motherfuckers!

This is Honda. We've had her since 2006 when my brother handed her over to us because he couldn't take care of her. She's a little princess who demands her way. If she doesn't get her way, she's been known to poop on beanbag chairs (ask my brother's friend).

This is Oreo. We got him late 2011 after my dear Charlie passed away as a new buddy for Honda (it didn't work because I can tell she still misses Charlie (they had a special thing going)). This is the paranoid rascal that kept jumping the fence until we had him declawed. Now he's all cuddly.

This is Topac, another of my brother's cats. Unlike Honda, we got to know her when my brother started moving back in. He found her behind the sandwich shop he used to work at, where her mother was nowhere to be seen and her other siblings had more important things to do than watch over their little sister. She had ticks and all that wonderful garbage and even today has a shaky health history (she's run a fever and overall just didn't like good after we had her fixed and declawed). She's adorable and always affectionate.

And this is a squirrel.
ps. I feel I don't look like my age. .-.

How old are you?
Devil's in the details
ps. I feel I don't look like my age. .-.
How old are you?

always a dudesoft, never a soft dude.
So. Many. Adorable. Cats. I want to kidnap them all and be a crazy cat lady. Like for reals. Oreo is so beautiful O: but I'm a sucker for fluffy white cats XD And little Topoaz :.D I love when sweet cats in need of help find a loving and caring home, that makes me so happy. Babacaddon totally looks like Chino!! Actually looks like a cross between Chino and his mom, Tiger, who looks exactly like Chino just not fluffy

CHINO DUMP. Cause even despite only having one cat, I'm still a crazy cat lady at heart.

Chino the first day I brought him home :.D I was waiting forever, my friends cat had the litter so I got to see them from day one and as soon as I saw Chino I was all like "THAT ONE SHALL BE MY BUDDY. I DUB HIM CHINO." Exploring his new home with his mom Tiger (She's not my cat, she's my friends, but she had an outting with her cat-boyfriend/Chino's dad, so I took her in for a couple months)

Chino makes scary evil faces

And enjoyed attacking my dreds

And apparently gets REALLY pissed when I tell him to GTF off my laptop

And likes shoe boxes. Notice a kitty in the background. A couple weeks after I took Tiger in, we discovered she was preggers again! So I had a little bundle of kittens. The one in the background is King (Named after King from Tekken), who my boyfriend has adopted. He was born with splayed legs, where tendons and muscles in his back legs were too week to support him so when the rest started walking we noticed he was still crawling. I had to massage and do physio (I moved them in a biking motion and then would cup them in my hands so that when he tried to walk he would have to push his back feet against my hands to force the muscles to be used) to his back legs and wrap them in a hot towel every day for a couple weeks, and taped (Breathable surgical tape, for the love of god not scotch LOL) his back legs together to force them to stand and not splay out to either side and left the tape on for the two weeks and ever since he's been a cute little scoot-bot!

And taking selfies

Chino's such a good big brother tooooo, I got a pic of him cuddling with King after King's first session of massages/hot towels/physio

I love the expression of the cat on the 2nd-last pic, it looks so cute! <3 I might post some of my cousin's when I get back. :]
Some halloween stuff and recent stuff:

Pumpkins. I went with the classic triangle face, Cayden went with the crooked smile (x2), and Lucas went with WAILING DEATH FACE.


Little brothers get Luigi.

Ovenmitt hug monster

All swashbuckled out.

And lastly:

Bustin' out the Mario Paint and LEGO. This was taken tonight. Mom is out. Pizza is on its way. Pajamas all day.
"It's frustrating because - as much as Corf is otherwise an irredeemable person - his 2k/3 mapping is on point." ~ psy_wombats
Ah hell yeah! SNES!