By popular demand, here's another round of Mafia!

Here's the basics:

1) The game starts with a Day Phase. During this phase, all currently alive players will be able to post in this thread, discussing who they wish to vote to lynch (remove from the game).

2) Once a majority has been reached, the person selected is lynched and their role is revealed. This ends the Day Phase and begins the Night Phase.

3) During this phase, any player with night actions may submit their action privately to the game moderator (in this case, myself). The Mafia also chooses which member of the town to kill in the same fashion. Once all night actions are resolved, anybody who is killed during the night has their role revealed to the town, beginning the next Day phase. Nobody may talk in the thread during the Night Phase. Mafia members may communicate amongst themselves during this time, out of thread, as they can at any time during the game.

4) Play continues until either the Town (known in this game as the Resistance, see flavor below) eliminates all threats, or until the Mafia (known in this game as the Celestials) controls the vote, or is in a position where such a situation is inevitable.

I'm not telling you the exact role set-up for this game. I will tell you, however, that it's slightly bigger than the last one, clocking in at 11 players.

So if you're interested, or if you have any questions that aren't answered by the above overview, make a post here and we'll get this game rolling!

Player list:

1. GameOverGames Productions
2. ChaosProductions

3. AeroGP
4. Natook
5. AznChipmunk
6. Gemini
7. Relyt

8. Liberty
9. ace prime
10. Tonfa
11. Ark

Dead players:

Gemini, Resistance Soldier, erased from existence Night 1
ace prime, Omegus (Celestial), throat slit Night 1
ChaosProductions, Resistance Soldier, lynched Day 2
Relyt, Resistance Soldier, erased from existence Night 2
GameOverGames Productions, Tom Brighton (Resistance Roleblocker) lynched Day 3
AznChipmunk, Armand Carter (Resistance Cop), mutilated Night 3

THE FLAVOR: The GAIA has brought Armand Carter and a small handful of the rebels into a VR simulation. At this time, the GAIA tells Carter that they are sick of wasting resources hunting down what remains of the resistance, and proposes a challenge. Among the group are an undetermined amount of her Celestials. If the Resistance can identify the Celestials before the Celestials gain majority, the GAIA will stop experimentation on the Iron Gaia's passengers and land on the planet below. If the Resistance fails, experimentation continues.

Carter accepts this challenge -- and now the game will begin.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Manliness plays.
I will join in the hunt this time.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
((This is pretty win. Sadly I don't have nearly enough time to play. You should ask aprilschild, she loves Iron Gaia and the mafia. ))
author=Max McGee link=topic=3879.msg77605#msg77605 date=1243658237
((This is pretty win. Sadly I don't have nearly enough time to play. You should ask aprilschild, she loves Iron Gaia and the mafia. ))

This is true, but I also am going to be falling short on time. : ( I want to play tho!
I'm bringing this world back for you and for me.
I'll do it again, this time with more strategy.
I've never played this, but it looks pretty fun.

Count me in!
Count me in. This looks fun.
I'll be in it this time too. Sounds like fun. ^.^
If there is still a spot left open I will join.
Max McGee
with sorrow down past the fence
author=Tonfa link=topic=3879.msg77765#msg77765 date=1243803583
How interesting.

Bring it.

Well well if it isn't Tonfar McBackstab Richard Hawk

(no Oto I'm not playing this round)
Wario's-a number one!
Boy, haven't done this in a long time. I will definetly be in on this shit.
author=Ark link=topic=3879.msg77837#msg77837 date=1243845113
Boy, haven't done this in a long time. I will definetly be in on this shit.

Tonfa and Ark make 11.

Random distribution of roles and role PM sending shall be done when I get back from work (ffffff).
Roles have been sent out!

With that, the game is now in session. Remember, unless you are a Celestial, you may not talk to anybody outside of the thread about the game!

Deadline has been set for 8PM Pacific Time on Thursday, June 4th. If no majority decision has been reached by then, there will be a no-lynch!

Speaking of no-lynching, if you wish to not make a lynch at any point during the game, you may do so by voting to nolynch, like so: ##vote No Lynch. Once this reaches majority, the day will end with no lynch and proceed to the night phase.

Now, my beloved monsters... Enjoy yourselves.