7 players left with (probably) 2 scum in the midst isn't too bad, no. After all it is the standard 7 player mafia start but with a ton more information since it's day three already.

I'm just perplexed by the happenings. Gonna read back and try to get a read on the living players.
Ugh, godddamnit. Who's still alive?
I have nothing on anyone except I don't suspect Tonfa at all anymore.
I'm curious by what Chaos meant when he said I TOLD YOU SO. That last person he accused was Tonfa. Think there's a connection? Or just a random comment made to make people wonder. The latter is more likely.
It was probably "I told you so" -- "I'm not a Celestial."
Oto is lazy and not updating the remaining players list, so I took the original list from the OP and removed dead players.

1. GameOverGames Productions
3. AeroGP
4. Natook
5. AznChipmunk
8. Liberty
10. Tonfa
11. Ark
I have no clue about GoG, but I am a bit suspicious of the less active players like Ark, since they may be trying to slide under the radar...
GoG also mentioned that he is without internet access for a few days, so he won't be able to defend himself for now.
Yeah, the remaining four had better show up. They've really ultimately said very little.
I miss Relyt, he talked a lot :'(
As Natook ponders Relyt's sudden absence, a disturbing event occurs. Red writing, almost bloodlike, is being scrawled on the wall in front of him. It reads...

I miss you too Natook. Be careful, for the celestials will stop at nothing. Be good...

The writing is then signed at the bottom with a cursive signiture reading 'Relyt'.
As Natook ponders this strange occurance, he feels a tap on his shoulder, turns, and sees Tonfa.

"Lets go Natook. He's not coming back."

"But he is! He wrote to me! Don't you see!?"

Reading Tonfa's confused expresion, Natook turns and see's a blank steel wall. Maybe the Celestials were finally getting to him. As Tonfa continues to stare at him with solemn eyes, Natook turns and brushes past, now determined to find the scum that killed Relyt. Tonfa, quiet as ever, turns and follows.

I figure that since Kentona's not doing narrations, I'd do 'em.
Oh, this is bullshit.

##vote GameOverGames Productions

There's no where to run... I'll get you, and I'll get your little buddy, too! You'll both pay for this, BIG TIME!

Elaborate, big time. You're not getting away with no-commentary votes at this stage, especially having said pretty much nothing all game.
He's done nothing but make random accusations the whole game, and no one has questioned him at all, merely brushing him off as a "minor annoyance". He was the first person to jump on someone for making a "random" vote (Relyt), which is just oozing of hypocrisy, and he simply continues to act this way without inhibition. Most importantly, despite making it past the lynching phase, the person in question was killed anyways. Not a coincidence.

There's another, too, for almost the same reasons. But one suspect at a time... we'll flush the other out eventually...
Wario's-a number one!
Ark watched gameover suspiciously. The man sat in the corner, fidgeting uncontrollably. Ark began to think. This... Man, would only say something in short bursts, always attacking someone right away. And yet he has lived until now, going under my radar the entire time. "Perhaps it is time we ended his life, Aero, Tonfa, Natook..." Ark shut his eyes for a brief moment and sighed deeply, unholstering the pistol he was given and pressed it too Gaveover's forehead. "Do you have anything to say in your defence?"

## Vote Lynch GameoverGames Productions
author=AeroGP link=topic=3879.msg79160#msg79160 date=1244508921
There's another, too, for almost the same reasons. But one suspect at a time... we'll flush the other out eventually...

Tell us your suspicion now. Who knows, you may get killed tonight and we won't find out who you're thinking it is.

Also, I'm getting a little suspicious because you guys are being somewhat sudden.
author=Ark link=topic=3879.msg79165#msg79165 date=1244510975
going under my radar the entire time.

Well, I find this ironic that you say he's been flyin under the radar haha, you've hardly said anything all game. But I do like how you narrate your own posts. Just post way more now, and you should be okay.

author=AeroGP link=topic=3879.msg79160#msg79160 date=1244508921
There's another, too, for almost the same reasons. But one suspect at a time... we'll flush the other out eventually...

Who's the other suspect then?

While I'm not trying to change the focus from GoG completely, he doesn't have internet access for awhile, so when he comes back then we can go back to questioning him, but I'm completely against lynching someone without them getting a chance to defend themselves.
Yeah, I'm a little afraid this is the wolves getting the jump on someone who can't defend themselves. I mean, Ark was all silent and now he's suddenly appearing to lynch someone, that's a little fishy to me. I still want Liberty and Tonfa's input though.
Just a little mathematical heads up.

If we lynch one day, and it's wrong, then one will be killed during the night. (Unless there is a doctor out there, but likely one will be killed during the night. That would leave 5 players left, probably 2 of which would be Celestials.

Basically this means, we have to lynch correctly either today or tomorrow, unless we have a doctor who's lucky enough to protect the right dude. Also, I dunno what other roles there are (if there is some sort of instakill role or something.)
Well, this is something I've just noticed but only one person died tonight. On night 1 two people died, one of them mafia. I'm assuming there's a roleblocker in our midst as well. So if we're assuming that there's 2 mafia left, that also means there's one more killer. I would say the mafia has the roleblocking position though, since if there were 2 mafia, you can only block one of them. Since a second person didn't die, the mafia probably knows who the other killer is. There's also a possibility that they both targeted the same person, but that seems unlikely.

So this means that there are possibly 3 killers out of 7. We can't screw up. Not today, not tomorrow.

What I'm also getting at though, is that the only two people who kept their vote with Relyt was Chaos (who got lynched, so he obviously couldn't have killed Relyt) and Ark, who joined in pretty quick today with an accusation. The votes against GoG were also almost simulataneous. Coincidence? Doesn't seem likely. An hour between votes doesn't seem to have a wide enough gap.
I think if it's that a Celestial attacks a character protected by the doctor, then the mafia dies instead. Or there is an assassin.

Roleblocker is a mafia role, it allows them to stop any other nighttime role. I'm pretty certain of that.