sorry. You guys weren't doing much so we figured we'd fill the empty space.
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Why didn't I get one of those?

...from either game?

You were lynched in both, weren't you? There's your answer.
Returned, but I need to crash for a nap. Catching up on the topic when I have consciousness.
Current Votecount

GameOverGames Productions (2): AeroGP, Ark
AeroGP (1): Tonfa, AznChipmunk, Liberty, -Tonfa, -Liberty
Ark (1): GameOverGames Productions
Liberty (1): Tonfa

Not Voting (1): Natook

With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch. Deadline is 8PM Pacific on Thursday, June 11th, IN APPROXIMATELY 14 HOURS.

Just for posterity, I will be at work from 8:30 AM to about 5PM pacific time today, with a 45 minute window where I will be here and watching at around noon (again, Pacific time). After 5, I'll be here until deadline.

Remember, NO TALKING AFTER A DECIDING VOTE HAS BEEN CAST, Dead Men Don't Speak, and if there hasn't been a decision by 8PM, there will be a no-lynch!
I guess that was more of a full-fledged night's sleep in the middle of the day. Geez.

So the deadline is approaching and the viable cases seem to me GoG and AeroGP? I'm not yet entirely sure how I feel about either of those.
Man, what you and Azn said about Aero earlier made a lot of sense, but it really doesn't feel right. Everyone feels about the same to me right now and it looks like the only method to finding who's mafia or vigilante is random lynching, which is a horrible method.

Just for kicks though, underneath Ark's avatar it says The Ever Vigil. Vigil? Vigilante? Hmmmm... okay, that wasn't a serious thought.
When did the Vig discussion drift over to them being basically a confirmed third party anyway? (Those are usually called Serial Killer in mafia, fyi). I'd find a town power role much more likely in a game this small. Plus they haven't even made an appearance since night 1 so they may only have one shot, or chose not to use it night two (also far more townie behavior). Flavor arguments, if said killer is indeed Slade, point to SK, but a competent game mod doesn't make the flavor names match up perfectly with expected alignments and roles. Otherwise flavor mafia games would mass nameclaim day 1 and work from there.
Wario's-a number one!
"I am sticking with my claim against GoG, If you truely want to kill someone before we run out of time. I suggest you pick him."
I'm sticking with the AeroGP vote. He seemed to be sowing a little needless discord in some ways.

Also, I kinda felt there is one of those town day-killing roles. I have no idea what they are called usually or what they are called in this game, but when I've played, they've either been called warriors or desperados. (The difference being desperados die if they kill wrong.) I also think there might be a night assassin, but it is also possible that there is another mafia role that backfired. (Like they attacked a special protected unit or something.)
If we have a day-kill role, they need to step right up tomorrow. A town daykill is best used as a second lynch. Unfortunately today we don't have time.
I do believe Liberty has still a vote on me, so Oto's votecount is a bit off.


Good grief guys deadline is in under three hours if I'm doing my calculations right here.

Liberty's flipflopping and attaching a conditional to pretty much everything she says looks bad to me. No time to explore that case today though, sadly.

## unvote
##vote GameOverGames Productions

This is it. AeroGP strikes me a bit too oblivious in his defense to be mafia. GoG has done very little but obfuscate the town all game. Based on some of his posts in particular I have a feeling his stirring up the game has malicious intent behind it.

I hope so badly my scumdar is not failing me here.
Current Votecount

GameOverGames Productions (3): AeroGP, Ark, Tonfa
AeroGP (1): Tonfa, AznChipmunk, Liberty, -Tonfa, -Liberty
Ark (1): GameOverGames Productions
Tonfa (1): Liberty
Liberty (0): Tonfa, -Tonfa

Not Voting (1): Natook

With 7 alive, it takes 4 to lynch. Deadline is 8PM Pacific on Thursday, June 11th, IN APPROXIMATELY 2 AND A HALF HOURS.
Well guys, all or nothing :-\

##Vote GameOverGames Productions

I hate random lynching, but I hate no lynching in late game too. Bad day for us all.
A majority decision has been reached!

FINAL Day 3 Votecount

GameOverGames Productions (4): AeroGP, Ark, Tonfa, Natook
AeroGP (1): Tonfa, AznChipmunk, Liberty, -Tonfa, -Liberty
Ark (1): GameOverGames Productions
Tonfa (1): Liberty
Liberty (0): Tonfa, -Tonfa

The arguing goes on for the longest time since the GAIA's challenge began. The group's suspicions swing wildly from person to person, until finally, with the artificial daylight beginning to wane, a decision is reached. The crowd gathers around GameOverGames Productions and corners him, beating him, then Natook lands a vicious blow that snaps GOGP's neck. The virtual reality avatar of GOGP fades away, revealing a distinctive blue mohawk.

GameOverGames Productions, Major Tom Brighton (Resistance Roleblocker), was lynched Day 3!

Silently, the Resistance retreats to their rooms. As they pass the main GAIA node, an image is displayed. While she isn't saying anything, the GAIA's message is clear.

It is now Night 3! You have 24 hours to submit your night actions or they are forfeit!
Day 4 is beginning!

You all do a headcount, and AznChipmunk is missing. You rush to his quarters, and the sight of blood stuns you all. After a few moments, you all recover enough to read the message scrawled in the crimson flow.


And then, finally, you see the body. His signature white trenchcoat is soaked with blood, his Chainsword by his side.

Armand Carter is dead.

AznChipmunk, Armand Carter (Resistance Cop), was killed Night 3!

It is now Day 4! With 5 alive, it takes 3 to lynch. Deadline has been set for 8PM Pacific Time Sunday, June 14th.
Right. First things first.


Assuming there are two mafia in play, a mislynch is fatal for the town today. Even ONE vote placed by a townie on the wrong target enables mafia to hammer. However, No Lynch is also fatal.

I knew Azn was cop based on the things he was saying. A pity the mafia caught on. Time to review the topic in depth.
Why didn't I receive a death PM like Relyt? How is my spirit to know whether it is truly time to move on?
If you're lynched, you don't get a PM.
I will admit that I made 1 mistake yesterday, and that was assuming that only Mafia could be Roleblockers. =/