Damn! This'll be hard to pick and we only have one chance left unless we all pick right this time. Seems I was wrong to be so suspicious of AZN.

The five left:

Okay, basic happenings thus far.

Final Day 1

No Lynch (6): AznChipmunk, Gemini, Liberty, Natook, ChaosProductions, ace prime
Gemini (2): Tonfa, Ark
AznChipmunk (0): GameOverGames Productions
Tonfa (0): GameOverGames Productions
ChaosProductions (0): ChaosProductions

Not Voting (3): Relyt, AeroGP, GameOverGames Productions

DEATHS - Day 1:
Gemini, Resistance Soldier (vanilla town), has been erased from existence Night 1!
ace prime, Omegus (Celestial), has been killed Night 1!

Final Day 2

ChaosProductions (5): Relyt, Relyt, GameOverGames Productions, Liberty, Tonfa, Natook, GameOverGames Productions, AznChipmunk
Relyt (2): Tonfa, ChaosProductions, GameOverGames Productions, ChaosProductions, Ark, ChaosProductions, AznChipmunk, Natook, Liberty
GameOverGames Productions (1): AeroGP
Ark (0): GameOverGames Productions
No Lynch (1): Liberty
Tonfa (0): ChaosProductions, Relyt

DEATHS - Day 2:
ChaosProductions, Resistance Soldier, has been lynched Day 2!
Relyt, Resistance Soldier, was erased from existence Night 2!

Final Day 3

GameOverGames Productions (4): AeroGP, Ark, Tonfa, Natook
AeroGP (1): Tonfa, AznChipmunk, Liberty
Ark (1): GameOverGames Productions
Tonfa (1): Liberty
Liberty (0): Tonfa

DEATHS - Day 3:
GameOverGames Productions, Major Tom Brighton (Resistance Roleblocker), was lynched Day 3!
AznChipmunk, Armand Carter (Resistance Cop), was killed Night 3!

Maaan, I wish you could edit posts because now that my name is mispelled, it's going to bug the heck out of me, but it's understandable, if you edited your posts you could make it look like you said completely different things.
Actually, I had some suspicions on Tonfa earlier today (mafia time) because he continually leaves out the possibility of a vigilante/serial killer/etc. in his estimations, and it made it look like he tried to get us to forget about it just in case he was it, and Tonfa isn't one to overlook detail. Now, though, since Azn has been revealed as a cop, it's possible he got lucky and killed a mafia member right off, which means that there possibly isn't a vigilante/sk/etc. So I guess Azn's death wasn't all in vain, because now I believe that Tonfa is innocent, which is good to figure out who we can trust and who we can't. Sorry for doubting you man.
Yeah, after discovering I was only half right about GOG, I figured I was wrong about Tonfa, too.

Still not certain who killed Azn yet...
Well, since Azn gave Tonfa full support, it would almost make sense for Tonfa to kill him so that Tonfa wouldn't look guilty since Azn was fond of him. Gahhh it's so hard to decide in the late stages of this, and I thought earlier was bad. But, I think I'm sticking with Tonfa being innocent. He's been good about most things the entire way.
I dunno, I'm still suspicious of Tonfa. There's just... something about him that my gut insists isn't right. Of course, it was wrong about AZN, so ...

(Sorry the the mis-spelling of your name, Natook. The keyboard I'm using is very old and I have to push hard for certain letters to work. ;.; I have to double check everything I type.)

Ah, it's okay. It's at the top of the page now, out of my sight. (I was just giving you a hard time, I'm not as childish as I act about such things ::))
So there are two Celestials left, at the most. There are three 'villagers'. We really are going to have to be careful about who we choose for hanging because a no lynch is as good as a death sentence for all of us.

Tonfa voted for Gemini
Ark voted for Gemini
Natook voted No Lynch
Liberty voted No Lynch
AeroGP didn't vote

NIGHT SLAY: Gemini, aceprime (celestial)

Tonfa voted for ChaosProductions
Ark voted for Relyt
Natook voted for ChaosProductions
Liberty voted No Lynch
AeroGP voted for GameOverGaming Productions

LYNCH: ChaosProductions

Tonfa voted for GOG Productions
Ark voted for GOG Productions
Natook voted for GOG Productions
Liberty voted for Tonfa
AeroGP voted for GOG Productions

LYNCH: GOG Productions

I'm feeling better about my gut instinct
Yeah, I'm leaning towards Ark and Tonfa at the moment.
Azn dead means last person I didn't really suspect at all is gone. Oh man, no matter how much I re-read this is hard.
Sleeping. Analysis when I return.
author=Tonfa link=topic=3879.msg79936#msg79936 date=1244786439
Azn dead means last person I didn't really suspect at all is gone. Oh man, no matter how much I re-read this is hard.

Wouldn't that be the easiest way to make you look innocent?
You seem really keen on insisting painting cop-cleared town as scum.
Alright, folks. I really wanted to avoid this, but it's for the common good at this point.

All cards on the table, it's role call time.

I am the Vengeful Vigilante, Sigmus The Fallen. Formerly a Celestial under GAIA's control, I have defected and now wish nothing more than to kill each and every one of those celestial bastards.

So what's the Vengeful prefix for, you ask? Well, there are two caveats to my role.

1. Bloodthirst. Unfortunately, I am forced to kill every night regardless of whether I have a good handle on if there is scum or not. I killed ace prime on night one, because hammervote with no explanation whatsoever out of nowhere seemed amazingly scummy to me. I was right. On nights two and three, however, I was roleblocked, being told my thoughts were disrupted. I attempted to kill Relyt and AeroGP, respectively, on those nights.

2. Vengeance. The balancing aspect to the bad thing about my role, if I get nightkilled I will have revenge on my killer and kill them in the process. This is why I've been confrontational, dropping subtle hints about being a vigilante, on the forefront of the discussion and made that whole little speech about being sacrificial yesterday; I've tried to have the scum target me and bring themselves down.

So that's it. I think you can see why I didn't want to do this until crunch time. I was cop investigated night 2 by Azn, since he said I was cleared of any suspicion in the beginning of day 3, so I hope that answers any doubts about my alignment.

As I said, all cards on the table. Put your roles in the open, now, and we'll figure whose stories don't match up.
I'll have to apologize, Tonfa. You see, I'm the Resistance Doctor - I tried to save Relyt from you Night 2, but GOG roleblocked me. Although I was lucky enough to find clues that would lead me to you, it was my intuition that ultimately pointed my wrath in your direction. Unfortunately, my blind rage cost us a random, but still valuable ally, and in trying to rectify my acts by protecting you last night, I prevented both of us from saving Azn... =(

I guess that leaves the only positive Mafia being Ark, and the second being either Liberty or Natook.
Well guys, it looks like we have our Mafia, because I'm Rover (Bulletproof Watcher) ;D.

1. I can't die during the night. (which is amazing for me)

2. During the night time I can watch specific people.
-Night 1, watched Relyt
-Night 2, watched AznChipmunk
-Night 3, watched Ark

Tbe only useful thing I could do is watch people, but nobody ever came after them when I did >:(

So, game question. Is Rover a robot? That pretty much makes sense to me since I'm bulletproof and I could watch at night if I don't sleep.

I'm pretty excited now that we know who's who, time to wrap this game up folks.
Hold it... either you're lying, or we're both Rover?

I'm heading to bed. I'll think on it some more tomorrow morning.
Oh my. Well, one of you is scum, that's for sure.
To answer the in-game question, yes, Rover is a little robot (looks like one of those automatic vacuum cleaners) following Carter around until he decides to blow things up.
Well, honestly guys, I've never played Iron Gaia. It's not like I can pull that name out of nowhere. It'd be easy for mafia to say that they're someone else when someone states it.