Well, there are three ways to get such information.

1. Having played the game.
2. It's right there in the screenshots on the RMN gamepage.
3. Having someone who knows the game in scumchat.
I suppose that could have been a possibility, but it's also pretty convenient that the only roleblocker we know of happened to have blocked Aero, and he tried to convince you that he even tried to save you. If he is truly Rover, then why didn't he just say so in the first place? Just tagging that on now to make me look suspicious surely isn't working on you now is it?
I am a Resistance Soldier! No name, just a run of the mill soldier with no special powers or skills.

Seems like one of you three are lying...
Natook, can you tell us why you watched the people you did?
AeroGP, why are you positive that Ark is mafia?
Okay, I'm back.

I honestly wasn't paying attention when I was told which Iron Gaia character I was, only which role I was, and I went looking for the right person in vain because I had not played the game before. It wasn't until I checked my mailbox again that I read which character I was supposed to be, and realized that there probably isn't supposed to be more than one Rover...

Also, my suspicion of Ark is just a matter of me having been wrong about everything else.
Well actually, I watched the people that I did because to me, they seemed to be the more innocent types at the time. If they're innocent, then obviously someone guilty is going to go after them, so I should watch them. Unforunately, I missed whoever killed Azn by a night.
Both of your post histories are spotty to say the least. This ain't easy.

Aero, what do you mean you were half right about GoG?
I knew in my gut he was the roleblocker, but I didn't know Roleblockers could be town. Sorry. =(

We need all three townies to make the lynch, regardless, since the mafia won't be voting for themselves.

If Ark doesn't show up it means I must default to voting him because if he's town the game is already unwinnable.

This is a really shitty way to lose the game if he's not actually mafia, but...

##Vote: Ark
Official Votecount

Ark (1): Tonfa

Not Voting (4): Ark, Liberty, Natook, AeroGP

With 5 alive, it takes 3 to lynch. Deadline is TODAY at 8PM Pacific Time, in approximately 13.5 HOURS.
I agree, but we have very little to work with in determining if Liberty or Natook is the culprit.

##vote Ark
Hey, guys?

There's a deadline tonight, if you hadn't noticed.

Said deadline is now two hours later than it originally was. That means you must reach a majority decision by 10 PM Pacific time or face a no-lynch! That is in 3 hours and 15 minutes from this post.
I don't like this and I'm still very suspicious (for good reason). Let me throw another option out there.
##vote Tonfa

Day one: One of the few who chose to lynch - voted Gemini. Gemini was killed that night.
Day two: Voted for ChaosProductions. CP was lynched that day.
Day three: Voted for GOG. GOG was lynched.

Sure, on day one Ark also voted for Gemini, and on day two Natook voted Chaos. Day three almost everyone voted for GOG.

He has also been leading everyone in this game. He's pushed for lynchings before.

I don't trust him.
Wario's-a number one!
"Fine, kill one of your own. If the cards must be laid out on the table. I am nothing but a simple Resistance soldier, and for that. I will not go down easily." Ark pointed his finger towards AeroGP, "I think you are a celestial. And if I can I will end your life with my barehands."

#vote AeroGP
Not even close, my naive little friend.

Natook, this has to end now. If you don't vote Ark, it'll be no lynch and if what Tonfa said is true, he'll be forced to kill one of us tomorrow whether we're town or not. I don't want to leave all of our chances in his hands alone, do you? That's a lot of pressure...
Official Votecount

Ark (2): Tonfa, AeroGP
Tonfa (1): Liberty
AeroGP (1): Ark

Not Voting (1): Natook

With 5 alive, it takes 3 to lynch. Deadline is TODAY at 10PM Pacific Time, in approximately 2 HOURS AND 45 MINUTES.