Shhh! You're supposed to be dead. ^.^
Oh crap, I missed the deadline by 10 minutes. With Oto's permission I'd like to vote.

##Vote Ark

If he doesnt' count it, it's alright with me.
My excuse? Really I just overslept. I was watchin UFC around 7ish because they normally have mini marathons of it on Spike for like 4 hours. I wanted to wait to see what else would happen before I voted, but apparently I waited too much and fell asleep.
Oh yeah, 7ish means 5ish to Oto.
Actually, I extended the deadline by two hours since RMN shit the bed for a few hours earlier today.

That said, the soon-to-be-deceased has a special request that he be allowed to write his own death scene, so I'll edit it into this post when I get it.

Final Official Day 4 Votecount

Ark (3): Tonfa, AeroGP, Natook
Tonfa (1): Liberty
AeroGP (1): Ark

“Ark, I'm calling you out." A deep, raspy voice bellowed out from somewhere outside. “We can finish this like men, or you can try and run, but it's your time to die” The image of tall man with shoulder-length dark hair and steel gray eyes began to form within Ark's head. Ark stayed silent as he moved into position offering himself plenty of cover from his former ‘allies'.

“Ark, you've got one more change to come out and die like a man.” The voice finally met a face. It was Tonfa, Ark's long time war buddy and friend. Yet still no reply came from him. Tonfa made a hand signal with his two top fingers, Aero, Natook and Liberty quickly moved forward into place all armed with infantry machineguns, positioning themselves at the door way, leading into were Ark had taken cover.

A brief smile curved Ark's lips as he pulled the slide pack on his pistol. Fully loaded, excellent. He thought to himself. Reaching to his right Ark gripped a stone on the floor, tossing it into the air, a stream of bullets impacted against the rock dissolving it into dust. Ark was fucked.

“I'm not giving up Tonfa, you should know me well enough to know that.” Ark lunged to the side out of cover, firing off towards Tonfa's guards. Out of the three shots, only one managed to find a target, Natook fell to the floor as his kneecap exploded as the high calibre bullet blew through it.

Liberty and Aero opened up upon Ark as he rolled behind a containment canister. “Fuck!” Ark yelled, as a shell caught his thigh. He quickly popped out of cover and aimed his weapon at Aero, firing off a single shot and hitting him in his hand, unarming him. A thunderclap rang out from behind Liberty, kicking up debris and dust.

There was now nothing left of Ark's cover, or his bottom half for that matter. Tonfa stepped through the door way, his coveted anti-material rifle in hand. “It didn't need to be like this Ark… You could have died mercifully.”

“F---Fuck you.” Ark gurgled, blood began to clog his throat.

“I guess this is goodbye, comrade.” Tonfa reached down, pulling Ark's pistol from his grip. “Tell Omegus hello when you see her in hell.” He looked away, and pulled the trigger.

Ark, Resistance Soldier, was lynched Day 4!

It is now Night 4! You have until 10PM Pacific Time TOMORROW (June 15th) to submit your night actions, or they are forfeit!
Y'all should have known you would be doomed when you lynched me a.k.a. "Game Over"
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Since the game is now guaranteed lost, and therefore technically over, I'd like to point out that not one day passed where a Mafia was lynched in the Day Phase.
If it was guaranteed lost then Oto would've ended the game already like he did the first one

It's just very probable now
Day 5 is beginning!

You all awake and do a standard head count... and then, confused by the result, double- and triple-count.

Everybody's still here.


It is now Day 5! With 4 alive, it takes 3 to lynch! Deadline is set for sometime in the evening on Thursday, June 18th! (I will be more specific when I get the chance to double check my work schedule.)
Uh. Alright.

For starters, I was roleblocked again last night.

There's only one explanation to why the game still continues. We've made an erronous assumption and there is only ONE remaining mafia.

The reasoning for this is because if there were two, we simply could not vote them down anymore.

It rather obviously has to be one of the "Rovers". However...nobody died last night. This means a doctor is in town. AeroGP claimed Doctor, which rings true now.

So, I hope we're all in favor of lynching Natook, "Bulletproof Watcher"...or should I say Celestial Roleblocker?

And Liberty, I know you don't trust me and my playstyle, but please, look at the overwhelming evidence on the table. I was cleared by a 100% town cop to boot.
Tonfa, you lying prick! I roleblocked you! I'm the doctor, remember?

##vote Tonfa

The wha? Doctors roleblock since when?
I don't know what the HELL is going on anymore but I have a feeling I want to lynch Oto postgame.
I guess I verification as to "how" you were roleblocked...

If it's the way I think it is, your Mafia. Otherwise, it's Natook.
No. You said you roleblocked me. Explain. Now.
Someone stabbed me last night, but I was protecting myself so the attempt failed.

Now I need you to tell me if a failed attempt is still considered a roleblock.
I watched the whole thing! Tonfa tried to stab Aero! He's not a vigilante, but a serial killer! That's why the game is still going! Holy crap there's two Rovers!