Let the games begin! Also:

##vote No Lynch
I can't wait to see Kentona's descriptions of THESE events.

##vote Nobleman Nick

author=NoblemanNick link=topic=3879.msg77640#msg77640 date=1243702478
I'll do it again, this time with more strategy.

That's never a good sign. (Whips out my giant laser blaster.)
Relyt's the enemy! Git‘m!

Gemini and AznChipmunk are trying to look innocent! Kill'em!

Gosh darn it!!! To many of them Celestials! *Pulls out shotgun and dynamite*
No Lynching is an amazingly terrible idea on day 1. We'll just begin day 2 without any information from D1 discussion and the lynchee's role flip, and probably with less townies due to mafia nightkill.

Also, Relyt, you just might want to target a player that's...well, actually in the game.

##vote Gemini

I would like to hear your reasoning for nolynching.
My reason for no lynching, eh? what exactly are you accusing me of, Tonfa?
Getting all defensive over it is doing you no favors. I just want you to tell me why you voted No Lynch.
He's to intelligent that Tofu character is. Suspicious I call it. Ya'll're all Celestials ain't you.

##vote AznChipmunk Might turn out better this time?
Wario's-a number one!
I vote Gemini, like Tonfar Mcbackstab Rizzn said, its very stupid to do a NO LYNCH.
:( if I get random lynched for no reason, not playing again.
I don't have a particular reason for not lynching anyone. Does it really matter?

Besides, it's not like I can't change my vote later on.
Matters for the exact reason I said earlier, for which reason I would suggest having a vote on SOMEone. The best way to get information on day 1 is by lighting a fire under someone with a few votes. (I fully expect a witty comment and a vote on me immediately following this.)

Keeping my vote as is for now.
I don't vote first day, because after the first night, there is more evidence because, there are NIGHT ACTIONS. Tonfa is being misleading.
##vote Tofu Tonfa

I swear, I think that every time I read Tonfa
Heh, looks like I've made myself quite a target already.

Oh well, my vote still stands for now.
Azn: This is strictly in the case the town has a Cop/Rolecop/Inspector Gadget or whatever in the first place, though. This is by no means guaranteed in a closed setup. I can see the merit of the argument in a setup with a confirmed cop, though. However sitting back and relying on power roles could possibly result in handing the game to the mafia in a closed setup.

GOG: Any particular reason for that vote?