Given the number of players I would expect three. Oto throwing a curveball isn't out of the question either though, I guess.
Wario's-a number one!
Ark looked over the body of Ace Prime, or Omegus. "The only one with a blade sharp enough to even slip through the skin of a celestial like that is Slade... Slade is among us. I wise choice not making his pressence known." He then looked over to Tonfa, "Relyt does seem to be a little... Scatter brained, I think it is best we end his life aswell."

## lynch Relyt.
Yeah, I was thinking that he probably added one extra town and one extra mafia member.
author=GameOverGames Productions link=topic=3879.msg78415#msg78415 date=1244085141
Or maybe you're trying to trick me mister Celestial!

Nope, just assumed from last game, but I guess that's a bad idea to go off of last game.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Whoawhoawhoawhoawhoa. Hold up. I'm just following the leader here.

GOG: I was calling you a machine in reference to your avatar and support of robot overlords, not because I figured you a Celestial.

Relyt: Yeah, you'd like us to think I'M the one to be scared of, huh?

## vote Relyt

Also he'd have to have added two and two or something because we went from 7 players to 11.
The math doesn't add up, it would be additional 3 town and one scum in that case. 11 players as opposed to 7.

Ark weighs in with a flavor argument and supporting Relyt lynch. I agree that the throat-slit kill is done by the Slade/Sigmus The Fallen character, from what I recall of IG. And yes, they should keep their identity hidden, for a nightkill outside of scum's hands is a powerful tool as we saw last night.
Ninjad by Chaos on the math thing, though I disagree with the ratio. Four scum would be insanely powerful in a 11 player setup.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Hey, I said "or something". :P
Unofficial current votecount, for reference.

Relyt(2): Ark, ChaosProductions
ChaosProductions(2): Relyt, GameOverGames Productions
##vote GameOverGames Productions

I want to see where this vote takes us. Something just seems off about his behavior, and no-one thus far has yet to question his legitimacy, even though he has shown little to prove it.
Probably not far. Seeing as we're down to nine people, and two of them are inactive, and it takes five to lynch, someone would have to change their vote.
That is an extremely strange comment to make considering 1) people are unvoting and re-voting all the time 2) everyone has been active in the past four hours.

Maan. I'm sorry, I'm really out of it right now. I'll just shut up for awhile.
Uh, not talking is the least helpful thing of all. Or are you afraid that you'll...slip up?
No, I'm actually really tired. IRL I had to A+ (a program is Missouri, possibly more states, for getting some of your college paid for), which involves going in to summer school with the kids and so I have to be inspiring for 4th graders all day (which, all of them have way more energy than I have, easily, and they all multiply if you play tag with them), and then I had a bunch of Mountain Dew and the crash from the caffeine is apparently starting to happen. On top of that, bad night's sleep the night before. Legit enough for ya?
Oh, certainly. Go get some rest. >_>
Haha, you don't have to tell me twice. If that sounded a little cranky, I'm sorry man.
I am currently happy with the level of activity from all players in the game and am no longer in need of replacements, just to kill that argument dead + not get any lurkers hopes up.
I'll have to go inactive again. Hopefully, not much will happen whilst I'm asleep.

*goes into hibernation*
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Hopefully I don't wake up dead.