Looks like it. He hasn't posted enough for any one to gather too much of a read on him. Which is a bit suspicious but there could be a legitimate reason for it.
author=Relyt link=topic=3879.msg78737#msg78737 date=1244257124

Now seems to be as good a time as any to say that Day 2's deadline is in approximately 38 hours (8PM Pacific Time June 7th). If a decision hasn't been reached by then, there will be a no-lynch!
##vote Lynch ChaosProductions

(I'm not sure I've voted for anybody yet...)
author=Relyt link=topic=3879.msg78784#msg78784 date=1244296979
##vote Lynch ChaosProductions

(I'm not sure I've voted for anybody yet...)

Yes, you have. In fact, you're already voting for Chaos, so ABSOLUTELY NOTHING HAS CHANGED. :P

We need people to make up their minds and move on to one of the main two cases of the day or present a -convincing- one of their own. Nolynching your way through the game isn't going to work.
By the way, I'd like to thank Tonfa. Without him, I don't think that this game would be very interesting. His commentary and thoughts seem to be (in my opinion) what keeps this game going.
I try. Mafia experience helps with it, I know the game can be confusing and intimidating at first glance.
That said, no one should be afraid to share their thoughts even if they're new to the game. Unless they have something to hide~
##Vote ChaosProductions

I don't like his following the crowd attitude. In this game, we need everyone to think for themselves to come with their own decision to lynch somebody, because every death is crucial. If you vote for someone because another person brought up an interesting point, but he has even admitted to following the crowd. This is my final vote for the day.
Wow, didn't finish my sentence right midway through. I'll write the whole thing

If you vote for someone because another person brought up an interesting point, then that is completely different, but he has even admitted to following the crowd.
I'm going to be without internet connection for a few days, so I guess this is my final answer.
##vote ChaosProductions

Following the crowd is a mafia behavior, and I suppose it's better to lynch someone than no one at this point I guess.
I love how you're all following the Lynching Chaos for following the crowd.
That statement makes me uneasy.

There is a vast difference about jumping on any easy case, and, y'know, actually getting people lynched here. Unique snowflake cases do no good with the deadline so fast approaching. I hope you understand this.
I just thought it was kind of funny. :P
Current Votecount
ChaosProductions (4): Relyt, -Relyt, Relyt, GameOverGames Productions, Liberty, -GameOverGames Productions, Tonfa, -Liberty, Natook, GameOverGames Productions
Relyt (3): Tonfa, ChaosProductions, GameOverGames Productions, -ChaosProductions, -GameOverGames Productions, ChaosProductions, -Tonfa, -ChaosProductions, Ark, ChaosProductions, AznChipmunk, Natook, -Natook, Liberty, -Liberty
GameOverGames Productions (1): AeroGP
Ark (0): GameOverGames Productions, -GameOverGames Productions
No Lynch (1): Liberty
Tonfa (0): ChaosProductions, -ChaosProductions, Relyt, -Relyt

Deadline 8PM Pacific time Sunday June 7th. That is approximately 27.5 hours from now!

With 9 alive it takes 5 to lynch.
Due to the botched attempt to upgrade to RMN3, I am extending the deadline for this phase by 24 hours. You now have until 8PM Pacific on Monday June 8th to come to a majority decision or no-lynch.
Oooo I didn't know the forums were still up and running, but I should've guessed since they're seperate. Good thing I have this topic notify me of replies.
Aye, forums live again. Now to wait for people to show up so we can get a decision here.
All it takes is one vote for Chaos or two votes for me. By now, I could care less, I just want this day to finish. (Although, it'd be nice if it weren't me.) Then again, 5 people could randomly vote for someone else too, but that's unlikely.