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Any genre, any platform, any game! I wanna hear what your top ten bosses are! You can nominate a boss for difficulty, originality, design, personality, any reason you do so desire as long as that boss was fun to fight and made a lasting impression on you (which they must have done for you to sill remember them!)

Here's a few of my nominees.

Shiva (Streets of Rage II)

Shiva's attacks may have been limited, and his patterns were pretty simple, but damn did I used to enjoy every second of fighting him! The first time I played Streets of Rage II, Shiva used to hand my arse to me on a plate (I was a kid after all), but in a way that very few bosses can pull off, the way that makes you want one more shot at him in an addictive frenzy. He's also a boss that gets easier to fight over time.

Yes, he's in Streets of Rage III as well but I remember him for SoR2.

Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts II)

Xemnas was a truly great final boss for me, the fight was cinematic, action packed, and gave fans everything they wanted for their final showdown with Organisation XIII's leader. Split into several parts and requiring you to be a Jack of all trades, this fight was brilliant.

It was very close between Sephiroth and Xemnas, but I didn't feel Sephiroth had that same impact that the Xemnas fight did.

Metal Sonic (Sonic 3 and Knuckles)

Fighting Metal Sonic at the end of Sonic 2 was really fun, but fighting his upgraded model in Sonic and Knuckles blew me away. He comes at you three times! Once in the first Egg-O-Matic Robotnik ever fought you with (with the ball on a chain), again with the Metropolis Zone vehicle from Sonic 2 (with the shield of inflatable eggs) and again in hand to hand combat (styled after Sonic 2's Metal Sonic)! Even after all that, he refuses to die, fighting Knuckles and using the power of the Master Emerald to turn Super! The single most persistent boss in Sonic history?

Lara's Clone (Tomb Raider 1/ Tomb Raider: Anniversary)

Tons of my friends gave up playing Tomb Raider because of this boss in the first game. The boss mimics your exact moves, only seemingly has infinite health, so you can't kill her but she will shoot back at and kill you. You have to position yourself next to a switch on one side of the room which positions the clone on the other, and flip the switch, dropping said clone into a lava pit. It's just a boss that I've always remembered fondly.

That's me done. Let's hear some of your favourite boss battles!
bear in mind the last game I played was Metal Gear Solid!

Psycho Mantis (Metal Gear Solid: Tactical Espionage Action)

okay so let me get this straight: he can fly around. he can throw the room and all its contents at you. he can read your every move. he can turn himself invisible.

basically this is a pretty cool idea for a boss and also fairly difficult for most of the battle for a first time player (until Campbell gives you the big hint). gave me my fair share of trouble (granted when I was very young)
All of the Aero Blasters/Air Buster boss on the Turbo Graphix. Insane.

I like boss in RPG that have their own music, like Atma Weapon in FF6.

Demogorgon in Baldur's Gate 2. Because he was the first boss to really give me trouble since my strategy was to cast Time Stop. But that boss actually GO with you in Time Stop, so you're just your mage and him raping your team while they're frozen. Fuck. Alot of the bosses in this game were insane since they gave a good challenge and needed strategy. Just too bad I beat the game so many time that whatever character I choose, I can come up with a good strategy.

TMNT on SNES had some geat bosses too.

A nice boss for me was Diamond Weapon in FF7, just because he was fuck huge and the cutscene where he was in were nice. Too bad he's not strong and gives away like 3 lvl to everyone when he die.

I loved every boss in the Kefka Tower. Be it DOOM, the red one or the three-part fight of Kekfa.

But really bosses in the Baldur's Gate serie were the best one in terms of personnality, challenge, look, etc.. Must be because I'm a D&D fan.

EDIT : Actually I'm a big boss fan. So really any good game, I like all the bosses. I can't remember a boss from my favorite game that I DON'T like. But those are probably my favorites/bosses that I like from games that are not my favorites per say.
Sneaking in before anyone else can to say Luca Blight from Suikoden II

Been incredibly prominent in the storyline up to this point, as the primary antagonist. He gets hit with countless arrows and all his soldiers are killed, but that doesn't stop him taking on three parties of six before finally being killed in a one-on-one duel with the hero..

Fairly epic last words, as well, though subpar writing/translation takes the edge off a bit. (!!!!!!!!!!!!)


Also this is about 3/5? of the way through the game! New villains take over, but the last boss is still pretty much a physical manifestation of his LEGACY. I know this topic isn't 'greatest villains' or whatever but yeah, motherfuck.
HAG-1, Banjo Tooie

Just a really epic battle, I guess. The music and the enemy, the attacks, the setting... It's just really fun.

Bongo Bongo, Ocarina Of Time

I like the setting here, the enemy, and the overall theme he has going on. Being on a giant drum with a phantom-demon player is just original and awesome.

Shadow Barkley, Barkley's Shutup And Jam Gaiden

I don't think an explanation is nesscessary.

That crazy robot thing in sector X, Star Fox 64

I like robots, I like space, I like Star Fox 64. Whats not to like here?

Jack In The Box, DK64

Again, this was really fun.

Thats all I got.

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I like boss in RPG that have their own music, like Atma Weapon in FF6.
yeah! ususally when bosses are given their own music they are fairly exceptional. see also: gilgamesh.
10) Afro Fist (God Hand)
If you need description text to know why this boss is awesome, you missed the name.

9) Mother (Wild Arms Alter Code F)
The original was completely boring but in the remake Mother was actually a somewhat competent boss! I actually ended up throwing a lot at her and I pulled through actually hurting with some close calls but I managed to pull through midbattle without having to restart or anything. Plus without the close call it was still a decent unique fight.

8) Scinfaxi (Ace Combat 5)
Duelling super weapons? Hell yes
In one corner is the Doom Sub Scinfaxi capable of shooting selective-targeting fuck off missiles and using the water as its shield. In the other corner is the Arkbird with lasers that it can shoot from space. Combine the two and a moment where the Arkbird gets tired of shooting the Scinfaxi's fuck off missiles and with a bit of teamwork finds out where the Scinfaxi is and shoots them instead.
Hrimfaxi just doesn't have that. (plus the Scinfaxi music is cooler)

7) Mad Midget Five (God Hand)
Middle aged midgets posing as a card-theme power rangers knock off? I'm there! (also fuck these guys because fighting five guys at once in God Hand is argharghargh)

6) Evil Kongming (Legend of Cao Cao)
One great nemesis and killing him was amazing even if I didn't know a single word that was said (well, the first time)

5) Third Elvis (God Hand)
Your pseudo-rival gets serious and transforms into a demon that is hard, has a varied and interesting moveset, and is just generally really fun to fight.
Plus the intro and ending cutscenes for the fight are awesome.

4) Super France (Europa Universalis 3)
Fuck that blobbing bastard and its Absolute Monarchy, huge troop pool, ridiculous force limits, and insane generals+kings! Scoring a victory from this guy is nice, doing so while depleting his entire troop reserves, obliterating his army, driving his WE to max, and getting every neighbor capable to take their own bite out of Super France is a hell yes moment.

3) Hitler The Leader (Bionic Commando Rearmed)
There's always something special when you can shoot Hitler and have his head explode. Plus the fight was just badass (although really fucking hard to get to and beat on the harder difficulties)

2) Giygas (Earthbound)
A boss that is one of those invincible bosses that actually felt invincible, more powerful than God, and you were going to lose no matter what. Even the plot-based mechanism of killing him was great and I almost always hate deus ex machina + final boss mixes.

1) The Morgan (Ace Combat Zero)
If there was ever a perfect boss fight, this would be it.

Random Mention: Clash Man (Rockman no Constance)
Fuck you and your god damn super bombs. I'll just Flash you and drop you without any effort (because it's either that or everything I've got)

For less "I'm an idiot!"-ness
Is it just me, or do you mean Crash Man? He's weak to Air Man's weapon y'know.

Top 10 Bosses (No particular order)
  • Kefka (Final Fantasy VI)
  • The Atma Weapon (Final Fantasy VI)
  • T-elos (Xenosaga Episode III: Also Sprach Zarathrustra)
  • Robocop 2 (Robocop 2)
  • Clan Cinquleur (Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift)
  • Zeromus (Final Fantasy IV)
  • Dragon Errol (Jak 3)
  • Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts II)
  • Dark Link (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)
  • Ridley (Super Metroid)
Yeah Ridley is nice. I can't remember a game/fight that he wasn't epic.
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Is it just me, or do you mean Crash Man? He's weak to Air Man's weapon y'know.

It makes more sense when I'm not being an idiot and actually labelling the games they're from so let me fix that

(plus Rockman no Constance is a Megaman 2 romhack)
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
I've got five, with spoilers
1) Nyx Avatar (Persona 3: The Journey)


Seriously, my first time playing through P3 I used and Ares Lv 60 with 99 ST/EN/AG, Getsu-Ei, Diarahan/Mediarahan/Samarecarm, all three Ma-kajas, and Power Charge.

She kicked. my. ass.

Thirteen forms of 1500 HP? Big deal, I plowed through them.

But her Death Arcana form is bullshit. My allies had all died before this form, so thus took their turns directly before mine. "Moonless Gown!" = Junpei/Aigis kill themselves and Yukari burns 20 SP breaking her own Wind resistance, then I get stuck reviving them.

Let's not talk about Night Queen (Charm the healer that casts Diarahan on Nyx!)

2) Sleeping Table (Persona 3:The Journey)

No. Just no. Hamaon, Megidola, and worse. Moving on.

3) Seymour Flux (Final Fantasy X)

Basically the first Game Over I ever got in any game EVER. Mostly due to Zombie > full-Life and Cross Cleave was more strategy than I had ever saw in an RPG when I was eight.

4) Samurai Goroh (F-ZERO GX)

That Red Canyon chase with the boulders. You know what I'm taking about. The one with the rocks? And the cheapness? And Goroh's infinite boost? Yeah. Screw them.

5) Chaos (-Dissidia- Final Fantasy)

This guy was hard in a way no boss should be hard. I can hardly take him at level 40 with a level 100 Terra. Seriously, I hate this guy.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
#1: Quadraxis from Metroid Prime 2.

Else: Doesn't matter. Look above!
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The basic rule of thumb is that any college program with “game” in the title is utter crap. I've been in the game industry for almost a decade, and I've yet to meet or hear of *anyone* who graduated from one of those programs who is now working as a professional game designer. Not one single person, in nine years.

While I agree wholeheartedly with this statement, I think you may have wandered into the wrong thread.
rockman no constancy. one this is in your life you will never play a real rockman game again.
Necrosaro from Dragon Warrior IV. He fucking grew a face in his chest.

The growing slime from Secret of Mana. Well, kinda. It was pretty freaky because it kept growing larger the more damage it took.

Ultros from FFVI. They are amusing.

Shadow Link in OoT. It was the only interesting battle in the entire game, but it was a good one. (The final boss was Pong. Fucking Pong. Lame.)

Master Hand from SSB. Muahahaha!

Giant floating orb thing in Kid Icarus.

The Vizier from Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

The Technodrome from TMNT

...I'm sure there are others, but I can't think of them off the top of my head.
aaargh I forgot Ultros! Ultros is the best :)
I have a few favorites as well.

Zagi: Tales of Vesperia. (When he shows up, you go... fuck not this guy again, but enjoy the fight anyway because his battle theme is so kickass.

Grigori: Star Ocean 4. (I don't know why, but I just love the boss theme that plays when you fight those things, it just fits them so well. Plus they are unique where they are weak on a certain part of the body.)

Orgodemir: Dragon Quest 7. (I enjoyed the battle and the story involving him, throughout the entire game you're told how powerful he is and the build up towards him keeps getting closer and closer, it just gets to epic battle at the end when you finally face him. A similar scenario with Baramos in DQ3.)

Chaos: FF1. Just a simple fight of good vs evil, no second forms no anything... just heroes vs Chaos. I liked the music they put in the remakes when you fight him. Plus some of the attacks he uses on you look remarkably painful.

Zophar: Lunar 2 PS1. Now this was a fight that took me a half hour/full hour to do because of how tense this battle was, one mess up and you would suffer for it! The music was a nice addition to the final battle against the God of Darkness!
Couple of nominees in no particular order.

Dracula Vlad Tepes: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night by far had the best introduction scenes of any video game, ever. At the introduction, basically, Richter WHIPPED HIS ASS. However, Dracula's form at the final battle against Alucard is the most challenging final boss I've ever gone against.

That's the shit right there. He has countless attacks that will fuck you up, and at times he will PULL A SUCCUBUS OUT OF NOWHERE JUST TO CRUSH HER INTO OBLIVION AND DRINK HER SPRAYING BLOOD to restore HP. Also, his hands are half impossible to dodge. gg.

Kraid: Super Metroid

To be honest, it makes no sense that I'm such a die hard Castlevania fan and not so much a fan of the Metroid series. Super Metroid, however, is undoubtedly one of my favorite games of all time. It had a kickass main character stranded on an alien planet to basically blow everything up, not to save the world like a pussy, but because she's a BOUNTY HUNTER. One of the most memorable bosses of this game to me would be Kraid.

JUST LOOKING at him gives you shivers, and sends the thought through you head: "Holy shit, do I have to fight this thing?" LOOK AT HIM, he's a fatass dragon with claws poking out of his stomach as if he accidentally swallowed a mutated titan cactus. Basically he's a damn tough boss battle with blades flying everywhere as if you were fighting Death from Castlevania, and spikes ready to pop your ass if you accidentally fall. He had a damn awesome song playing while you fight him, and was an overall amazing enemy.

Balrog: Cave Story

This guy. Every last fight you have with him.

He's a lunchbox with an attitude, who stomps your ass like rock kirby, and has an AWESOME theme song. He's basically the most memorable character in this game for reasons besides BECAUSE I WOULD HIT IT.

Gilgamesh: Final Fantasy V

He's GILGAMESH. Any further explanation required?

He's a brown-skinned Kenshiro with six arms, a weapon in each. He has the best personality in this game, and god damn LOOK AT HIM. With the most entertaining fight, best theme song, and most kickass character design, you can't NOT like him.

Bubble Man: Mega Man 2
Just kidding.
normal Gilgamesh looks much better :(
I loved the boss from Kirby Super Star that had the Earthbound-ish text going in the background whenever it received damage/tried an attack/etc, but I don't know the boss's name

I'd add more to this post but even I'm sick of my own opinion right now.
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