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I think the last of the elite four, the dragon user was hard as fuck when I was 12 years old. At the time I didn't know where to get ice pokemon so the dragon always killed me. I actually had to over level my Venasaur to 60 something in order to win against him and use raichu and butterfree as the only back up because my other pkmn well they suck at level 50.
I am amazed that I forgot to mention both Ultros, and Quadraxis.

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Is it just me, or do you mean Crash Man? He's weak to Air Man's weapon y'know.

It makes more sense when I'm not being an idiot and actually labelling the games they're from so let me fix that

(plus Rockman no Constance is a Megaman 2 romhack)

Ah, I see.
Is that hack any good?
It isn't that bad*, it is harder than most of the NES Megamans and there's the initial problem of who to kill first (and who follows) in all Megaman games. The hack itself is pretty well done and I'd say its the best MM2 hack out there. The levels have been completely overhauled with new graphics, music, and layout that don't feel anything like the originals. Most enemies also had some adjustments made to them and they'll act slightly differently than before. The bosses have been changed albeit not as much (some AI and weapon differences). Most of the weapons were changed (some drastically, others not so much).

It is in Japanese which means almost nothing. You just won't know what the names of the weapons are.

If you do give it a spin (which I recommend to any Megaman fan), the recommended first robot master is

*Compared to Kaizo Mario or Super Mario Intrigue
These are some bosses I'm rather fond of:

Giant enemy crab (Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia)

Crush it with an elevator for massive damage!

The fight itself is a pain in the ass, but the method to end it feels so incredibly rewarding that you won't mind... That is, if you actually manage to get to the top of the lighthouse.

Final boss of Digital Devil Saga 2

His impressive appearance and awesome battle music more than make up for any of his shortcomings. Some people complain that he is too easy, but I still found him to be challenging enough for a final battle (he killed me once, that's all I ask from a competent final boss)

Flea (Chrono Trigger)

I guess I have a thing for flamboyant androgynous characters. It's been ages since I played Chrono Trigger, so I don't really remember how the fight actually went, but I bet she (he?) probably inflicted some sort of charm status effect.

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Balrog: Cave Story

This guy. Every last fight you have with him.

He's a lunchbox with an attitude, who stomps your ass like rock kirby, and has an AWESOME theme song. He's basically the most memorable character in this game for reasons besides BECAUSE I WOULD HIT IT.

A lunchbox? I always thought he was a toaster... Man, I suddenly have the urge to play through Cave Story again, despite how much I sucked at it.

Flea was sweet. He'd (she'd?) charm Crono, causing him to attack your other party members.
Rockman No Constancy


(And then here's a few screens of Wood Man's stage, just because self-deprecating humor is always good in my book.)

As for my favorite bosses, I always liked X-ATM092 from FF8 for some reason. The first No. 9 fight from Parasite Eve 2 is excellent, and then there's stuff like The End and The Boss from MGS3.
Looks like I'll have to try Rockman no Constancy out sometime.
Who can forget Kahn from Breath of Fire IV?

I love his futile attempts at annihilating the party :P.

I am also quite fond of Dullahan from Vagrant Story.

Ah, the sword screeching :(.
Sure, why not.

10. Earth Mimicry (Sin & Punishment)

Sin & Punishment is an obscure N64/Virtual Console rail shooter with rather, uh...trippy plot. In the grand finale you transform into some kind of robot and try to avoid Earth from losing all its HP by reflecting all kinds of disasters a psychic little girl turned into an Earth Mimicry throws at it. I can't make something like this up.

Video of Earth Mimicry Fight starts 6:50 in; Direct time linking doesn't seem to work right with this video.

9. Demons Gate (Final Fantasy VII)

Simple but effective. So you're exploring this temple, see a big plot scene, fight an easy dragon boss. Time to get out - OH GOD WHY IS A WALL DROPPING ROCKS THAT DO WAY TOO MUCH DAMAGE ON ME AND GETTING TURNS ALL THE TIME AND MAGIC DOESN'T WORK AND BLALLGALGLK

Video of Demons Gate

8. I & II (Breath of Fire 4)

Much like the above boss. You're exploring the emperor's tomb, GIANT DICE OUT OF NOWHERE TO KICK YOUR ASS. Somehow they can punch and kick you and cast death spells. Despite being dice. One of them immunes magic and other physicals, too.

Video of I & II

7. Reisen Udongein Inaba (Touhou: Imperishable Night)

What's more fun than bullet hell? Bullet hell that relies on optical tricks and illusions, of course. Great theme music too.

Video of Reisen Udongein Inaba

6. Unlimited Indalecio (Star Ocean: The Second Story)

One of the toughest videogame bosses, and a very hectic fight. You need to keep him locked down or he *will* fly all around the battlefield and do something that invariably kills you.

Video of Unlimited Indalecio

5. Tatsumaru (Tenchu 3)

A stylish ninja fight that is over very fast either way. He has the HP of a player character, but hits hard and fast at melee range. If you try to cheap him out at range, he'll shoot explosive arrows at you. The soundtrack enhances this one greatly, too.

Video of Tatsumaru

4. Nygtilger (Ys Origin)

Modern Ys boss fights are a treat. If blowing up a giant centipede boss bit by bit gives you no joy you are a horrible person. Scars of the Divine Wing here is some of the best boss music to grace a game, too. Another unique feature of this fight is how it gets neither easier or harder at low HP: While the lightning becomes less of a threat, you'll get swarmed with poison gas bombs.

Video of Nygtilger

3. Kishgal (Ys Origin)

Some of the absolute best Ys battles are all out brawls against humanoid foes, such as Kishgal, the master of the icy spear here. The video speaks for the fight much better than I can!

Video of Kishgal

2. Chester Stoddart (Ys: Oath in Felghana)

And completing the Ys trifecta is Chester. The climactic encounter with him can only be described as a wild series of attacks and counterattacks, especially after he loses half his HP.

Video of Chester Stoddart

1. Onikage (Tenchu)

For a series with much maligned boss encounters Tenchu manages to have some great ones. Onikage is a recurring adversary throughout the series, capable of feats like blocking sword strikes with his knee, going all Tekken-style kick combo on you, removing shuriken off his own body and throwing them back at you, grabbing your throat to drain HP in Tenchu 3, and so forth. His favorite dirty trick is to drink a health potion to restore himself to full after you nearly kill him if you let up for even one second. >:( Anyhow, this here's rooftop fight from Tenchu 1 is my particular favorite for the sheer amount of things to do, such as dropping him into the village below as seen in the video. You could also alternately beat him by making him drown since he can't swin, and so on. Oh, and did I mention the great music yet? (Something of a recurring theme with this list, that's for sure. Hmm...)

Video of Onikage
This woman is, hand's down, my favorite boss. Not the best or hardest, but favorite.

Beautiful goddess, who tells you that she loves you and was only trying to do what was best for "her children". She gets down on her knees and begs you to stop fighting and let her continue to protect everything and everyone in the world...

...and then you swung your sword at her...
...and she turns into this:

These days, she's cake...but back then? She was a tough fight...
No one mentioned

The Great Mighty Poo from Conker's Bad Fur Day?

Needs no description!
All of the enemies in Conker's Bad Fur Day are rather... Creative. I'm really glad some Banjo bosses have had some mentions too. A lot of enemies in this topic I hadn't even heard of.

Question, though. Where is the love for Ninja Gaiden 2's bosses?
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Question, though. Where is the love for Ninja Gaiden 2's bosses?

They all sucked. I swear my eyes were going to freaking bleed after fighting the two giant lava worm things. I had no idea where I was at the entire time, and the bloom effects were off the charts. They weren't fun to lose to, they just pissed you off.

I also hate every Final Fantasy boss that has one extremely over powered ability. It sucks to fight for an hour and be totally knocking the crap out of a boss, and then it uses one stupid thing to kill everyone. Then it's like oh, now I have to go back and equip something just so that won't happen for each boss. (I'm lookin at you FFX)
Ninja Gaiden 1 had better and tougher bosses than NG2.

And in other news, anything that ends in -Man in the Megaman Universe qualifies for top ten videogame bosses. Although I like some of the designs for bosses in the X series.
To this day I have no idea what a Kuwanger is, though.

RMN's Official Reviewmonger
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I loved the boss from Kirby Super Star that had the Earthbound-ish text going in the background whenever it received damage/tried an attack/etc, but I don't know the boss's name

I'd add more to this post but even I'm sick of my own opinion right now.
Computer Virus?

I have fought so many bosses in so many games that I'd be hard-pressed to point out my favorites. I'd probably have an easier time telling you about the ones I hated, that's how skewed the distribution is.

So I'll just leave it at this:

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I also hate every Final Fantasy boss that has one extremely over powered ability. It sucks to fight for an hour and be totally knocking the crap out of a boss, and then it uses one stupid thing to kill everyone. Then it's like oh, now I have to go back and equip something just so that won't happen for each boss. (I'm lookin at you FFX)

Lol, Yunalesca?
Yeah, pretty much. Demonoliths with their breath attack that turns everyone to stone sucks too, but they're just generic monsters.
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