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I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Some of you might notice that this isn't RMN3. We had some pretty big things hit the fan while trying to put it up on June 6th.

At about 9 PM or so RMN time (that's pacific), RMN3 went live! Hurray! Unfortunately, RMN3 most likely has some performance faults inside it. That as well as a combination of our rapidly aging server hardware caused the server to crash within about 3 minutes of it going live.

Since that point, Ankylo and myself have been trying to eek out some more performance to possibly run it but that doesn't look like it will be happening. Our server setup is very fragile, a remnant of our past when we knew far less about servers. As some may know we host a few other sites off this same server and we don't want to risk destroying those.

So what is RMN3's future? Well the good news is that it is functional! The bad news is that none of you get to use it until we figure out our server situation.

Here's a little FAQ for you.

Q: "Why don't you just buy a new server?"
A: We can easily afford to get a new server, but there is a lot of setup involved with such an endeavor. There are also a few things holding us back that prevent us from doing so.

Q: "What kind of things are holding you back?"
A: Things I can't talk about. Business details.

Q: "This is just a cop out because RMN3 wasn't ready!"
A: Hey, just ask the few people who were able to see the site before it tanked. It lived!

Q: "When can we expect to hear more?"
A: As soon as possible. We don't like RMN2 sitting around like it has been so we also want to move past it quickly.
I can attest to the fact that RMN3 does, in fact, live! I was able to see it in the three minutes that it was alive.

Server issues do suck, almost as much as domain issues, and oftentimes even more because every server (unless you're using your own) has its own things installed and you're never quite sure if it has exactly everything you need for something to function properly. ... I'm not entirely sure that's even the problem, though, so. :sweat:
I saw it while it was messed up. I tried logging in despite everything looking all not fancy, but it didn't work, obviously.
But hey! At least we have the M logo in the url thingy. But ah well it's to be expected for huge upgrades like this. I don't think rmn2 is going to give up without a fight.
Yellow Magic
Could I BE any more Chandler Bing from Friends (TM)?
I blame the system! (yay for multi-meaningful sentences)
I don't mean to sound ungrateful/impatient, but do you have any idea when we'll get it for real?
I wish I could have seen it while it lasted... :(
Even the error messages I was getting looked sweet.
I also saw RM3 when it lived. It looked retarded. Then WIP told me to get off.

Besides, when is RMN3 going live the second time?

*lights a match*
author=Lazer Kirby link=topic=3946.msg78884#msg78884 date=1244410206
It looked retarded.

author=Lazer Kirby link=topic=3946.msg78884#msg78884 date=1244410206
It looked retarded.

You looked retarded.
whoa a differing opinion lets get him guys
author=Feldschlacht IV link=topic=3946.msg78903#msg78903 date=1244414377
whoa a differing opinion lets get him guys

I will, just as soon as I deal with you ;D

but seriously, I'm confident that WIP and the crew can handle this in a relatively short amount of time.
Stop stirring up shit Mog.

I'm not in the mood.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Can I ask what other sites are on the server?

I'll assume Bossmix.whatever, but what else?
author=Karsuman link=topic=3946.msg78906#msg78906 date=1244414961
Stop stirring up shit Mog.

I'm not in the mood.

Nobody's stirring up anything so you can calm down with your thinly veiled threats and your 'moods'. I'm just pointing out that just because somebody doesn't like something about RMN3 doesn't mean that everybody should give him flak about it. If anything, you should direct that to the people calling him retarded.

And for the record, I'm very much looking forward to RMN3 and I disagree with Lazer. I just don't like the homogeneous opinion vibe going on.

Now let's get back on topic.
Yeah, I'll admit it, that was my bad this time.
I'm not comfortable with any idea that can't be expressed in the form of men's jewelry
Mog, his differing opinion was based upon approximately three minutes of a site with a thousand broken images all over the place followed quickly by a crashed server. Do not turn this into more than it is. Differing opinion or not, this is not the topic to try and put in witty topics LETS GET HIM GUYS. Keep that for moronic stuff.
Granted, I should have articulated myself better than I did (like I said before, I was defending him from being attacked for an unpopular opinion). That was my bad, and I apologize.

On topic, when CAN we expect things to settle down?
I'd actually like to know what Lazer thought looked retarded.
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