By popular demand, here's another round of Mafia!

For rules and how to play, check out the previous 2 Mafia threads.

13 people find themselves in backwoods Alabama. All of them claim that their car tires have been slashed, but some of them act less than sane. As night approaches, tensions raise, and the horror begins...

Boasts a unique setup with room for 13 players.

Current Players:
1. Natook
2. Nomad
3. Ark
4. Gemini
5. ChaosProductions
6. GameOverGames Productions
7. AznChipmunk
8. Asalieri
9. Australopithecus
10. Little Wing Guy
11. Suzuricho
12. Liberty
13. TooManyToasters

(Note: I will be doing this as best as I can to imitate Oto, as I believe that his modding was excellent during the previous game.)

Sounds good to me. I'm in. I have a question though, why does it say 11 people find themselves in Alabama if there's 13 spots? You might want more mafia in this. Unless you have other plans for this.

Also, can I reserve a spot for one of my friends? He's been wanting to play, but if you want him to sign up himself, that's cool too. First come first serve and all.
Did you ask for permission from the previous host?

I am pretty sure Ark or Tonfa was going to host the next one.
Wario's-a number one!
Fuck it, Relyt made a topic faster then I could. So. I play this time but next round... I'm in charge!
I'll check back on this thread in about 18 hours. If 13 people have joined by then, I'll send the roles out.
author=Karsuman link=topic=4005.msg80850#msg80850 date=1245093302
I am pretty sure Ark or Tonfa was going to host the next one.

I suppose I will join in for this round, also.
I think Kentona should play and put it in the next Snews
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
author=AznChipmunk link=topic=4005.msg80885#msg80885 date=1245110140
Hey, I'm game and totally stoked! I'm Natook's friend by the way. He mentioned me earlier I believe.

*sigh* I DO want to see how this game works, so I'm in.

As people continue to sign up, I'm gonna start PMing out roles so people can form their strategies early.
bear in mind australopithecus we will not tolerate any MONKEYING around gyohohohohoho
Wouldn't it be a good idea to wait until everyone has signed up so that the role sending will be completly random?

I guess it doesn't matter a whole lot, but still.