Wario's-a number one!
This chapter of mafia takes place with in the Word of Darkness.

Hunters: The Mafia

A parliament of monsters hides behind the curtain. They emerge sometimes, past the red velvet. They move in shadows among the human herd, and they reach out and pluck the unsuspecting into their grip. Humans can be the livestock to the hungry, lovers to the lustful, toys to the wicked. All the horror stories talk of it. vampires filling their mouths with our blood, lycanthropes harrying mortal prey through dark forests, demons convincing a man to hand over his soul in a gift-wrapped bundle. But they aren't just stories, are they? No, the horrors are real, hiding within a labyrinth of mystery.

Hunters: The Mafia is a game about those humans who come, by some means, to recognize the truth that monsters exist. These individuals cannot sit idly by. They must study their foes. They must destroy them or steal their power. They must use them against one another. It's not an easy thing, the endless hunt, they ceaseless Vigil. It is a thing of brutality and obsession, a slope slippery with the blood of those who came and fell before, a slope that descends into nightmare. And yet they can do no differently, because the vigil drives them. They sacrifice. They push forward. They HUNT.


1) The game starts with a Day Phase. During this phase, all currently alive players will be able to post in this thread, discussing who they wish to vote to lynch (remove from the game).

2) Once a majority has been reached, the person selected is lynched and their role is revealed. This ends the Day Phase and begins the Night Phase.

3) During this phase, any player with night actions may submit their action privately to the game moderator (in this case, myself). The Mafia also chooses which member of the town to kill in the same fashion. Once all night actions are resolved, anybody who is killed during the night has their role revealed to the town, beginning the next Day phase. Nobody may talk in the thread during the Night Phase. Mafia members may communicate amongst themselves during this time, out of thread, as they can at any time during the game. IF YOU TALK DURING THE NIGHT PHASE YOU FUCKING DEAD SO DON'T DO IT

4) Play continues until either the Town (known in this game as the Hunters, see flavor below) eliminates all threats, or until the Mafia (known in this game as the Darkness) controls the vote, or is in a position where such a situation is inevitable.

I'm not telling you the exact role set-up for this game. But if you have any questions post them here, and if you want to play. Post here too.

Thanks for the rules Oto.

Player's List:
1. Natook
2. Tonfa
3. Gemini
4. ChaosProductions
5. Jakester
6. AznChipmunk
7. YummyDrumsticks
8. Mysersguy
9. Liberty
10. Little Wing Guy
11. Asalieri
12. Australopithecus
13. Suzuchiro
14. Geodude
Killed list:
1. AznChipmunk: Quin Gordon: Slasher
2. Myserguy: Hunter Recruit: Civilian
3. YummyDrumsticks: Syria Strobel: Hunter Roleblocker
4. ChaosProductions: Hunter Recruit: Civilian
5. Asalieri: Hunter Recruit: Civilian
6. Liberty: Hunter Recruit: Civilian
7. Suzuchiro: Senenokai: Succubus, Darkness Roleblocker
8 Jakester: Mister White: Devil, Darkness Investigator
The Setting:
It was supposed to be a routine hunt. A small vampire nest. Guns loaded you all headed in, as soon as everyone set foot inside of the building the doors slammed shut. They were unmovable and they were your only way out. Blood began to drip at your feet as letters began to form on the wall across from the door in blood. NOT ALL WITH YOU ARE HUMAN, And with this suspiscions began to arise. More words began to quickly form. ONLY WILL YOU BE RELEASED WHEN THE ONES NOT OF YOUR WORLD ARE DESTROYED And so once again the HUNT begin. But now you have no leads and no idea who or what the creatures could be that you face.

Tonfa is to be the next Host after this round!
I'm in

Also, Ark, you should say who the next host is. That way people won't jump in line.
A shadowy figure observes the battle, determined to decide the outcome.
can't make a bad game if you don't finish any games
Let's hope I'm intelligent this time around.
Gamers don't die, they respawn.
I am so in! Been watching since the 1st mafia game. Hopefully, I don't mess up. <_<;;
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Seriously, been wanting to get in on this!
Singeth me in.
I want to play in this one too because the last one didn't get finished properly.
I want in. Last game sucked and I want to play a proper one before I decide to host one.
The last one did really suck balls and I want to try this again too! Monkeyboy is in.
And I am a monkeyBOY for those who are uncertain of my gender!
I like this game!!!!!! Magical bell, go! (I am in!)
Once more i'd like to point out that Suzu is my wife. Although last game, she behaved herself despite the fact that I advertised the contrary, heh heh heh!
yeah whatever i'll have a go. thanks for not posting the role set-up in the game you wanted me to play >:(
geo, you appear to be the 14th entry. A bit late there. Well, the next game will be variable size so you'll be guaranteed a spot in that one.
Ah, nevermind me, looks like Ark increased the player size by one :) Happy hunting!

Also, confirming that I got my role PM.
Wario's-a number one!
Geo has been allowe, but I've run into a small problem. I've only sent out roughly half of the roles for this so far. And for some reason the PM machine isn't working properly. So we are going to hold off from starting until I get home from work a little later.
Try sending a PM from the member's profile page. That hasn't failed me so far.