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For my upcoming game, I'm going to need some sprites, music, monsters and people, about everything in VX and XP style. (Except windowskins, message backs.)
I need as many spriters that will register,
1 or 2 doing music,
4 for enemies, (people, monsters, animals ect.)
2 for anything else you can think of.

I could have more than the needed amount of people, and post resources until you're more than proud of yourself. In future, thank you, and for the games... I'll out you in the credits!!! ;D

No thank-yous for crediting all of you, please. Really. :-X
No kiss smilies in this topic!!! :-*
I'll allow weeping ones if you're going to be a while before posting anything, or if you're out of resources. (Or anything you need a weepy smiley with, lol.)
And in future, thanks to all of you who post resources. Good luck,
I am just killing this. This post is unacceptably bad.

1) No one knows what the hell you want.
2) There is a difference between XP and VX resources.
3) No one will have any desire to help you with this horrible topic.

Read the help/request rules at least five times before you post again.
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