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I'm only a kid! I need a lot of people to sprite for me. I'll accept any and all characters and music for XP and VX. Here's a secret to a bit of what I want for VX. Get any (in this case, only characters made by you) XP sprite, erase the first line and when you try putting it in VX, you'll say, "Oh, this doesn't fit!!!". Export it, with $ before the name. Delete the first one. Import the second one and it WILL fit. I need lots of these, please. Thanks in advance for that.

I need battle music and character theme tunes. I need a dark tune for Morris and EviKing. I need a brave tune for the main characters, like in Chrono Trigger, with Crono's theme, and Frog's theme, ect.

Girls: Nervous theme, a theme like you're one second away from winning and are trying to win so hard, a really brave theme.

Boys: Brave themes only.

Thanks in advance.
No. This place isn't for children.
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