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If you are seeing this now, it means the site is functioning. That's a good thing!

So what's new? Well in another move of restricting your personal freedoms, user titles can no longer be assigned. Sorry! We want to be able to attach our own personal flavor text for each user. No, we are not going to put immature/penis jokes in there.

But you can add some personal text that shows up in your user profile page. Go ahead and update it and try it out.

As a note, user notices are not in and functioning. I haven't had time to iron out a few small issues with them so they have been disabled for the time being.

The non-forum posts are also lacking additional features such as edit, quote, etc. These will be coming in the near future.

You will probably also find numerous things broken or really weird on the site. Please report them in the "RMN3 Bugs" topic in the Site Feedback forum.

It took a long time for this version to come up! We couldn't have done it without support from a few special friends. We're hoping this pushes us even further ahead than v2 did.
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And may I say that RMN3 is a fantastic work of code.

Whoa! I came home from work to get quite a treat. Congratulations, WIP. It looks awesome.
The wait was worth it :D!
RMN3 Is quiet nice indeed :).
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Ooh la la~

EDIT: What's an m? I have 0 m's. I feel neglected.
I see absolutely no new feature. I can't find my game presentations anymore. Can't still search for members. Can't still search for my old posts. -,-
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I see absolutely no new feature. I can't find my game presentations anymore. Can't still search for members. Can't still search for my old posts. -,-

Look a little deeper. There is a significant amount of things that have changed.
A few things don't work properly, but everything looks smoother than before and the new features I have seen are cool. I especially like the new features added to gamepage... in fact, the website side of RMN is far better in general.

However, the forums are far less functional and I do not like that at all. I get that WIP isn't a big fan of the forums and wants everyone to use the site more, but making the forums more useless to try and force people onto the website is silly. The old forums were far more functional (although less pretty).
What ever happened to the avatars on the forums?
This site is amazing better than expected.
I could hug you right abot now WIP, all the zip downloads are working for me!
I am actually curious as to how this "Pages" feature on Games works. I can see that it's similar in format to the blog post stuff, but I'm not sure what I can use (i.e., BBCode, HTML, etc). Good to see that we're not totally destroying the server again, though.
Where the hell are the game presentations???
@Deacon: Put your mouse over "Account," and "Manage Games" should be on there. There's your "game presentations."
I miss being able to display my GamerTag now I don't have a signature or a little message under my avatar.

The site looks pretty smooth and kinda cool though. Will have a look at the changes to game pages later.