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First off, I'd like to quickly state that credit is always a good thing, and it is important to try and give credit to as many reources used as you can.

This article is a guide to finding you resources, and it will also teach you how to make your own resources too. so let's get started.

Here are some links that I have always found helpful :Very good resource site with their own character and face creator, always good to visit. : Very quick to use reource site with resources very well organized. : I don't use this one much, as it is slightly harder to navigate, but still a good site. :I believe this site to be a MUST visit, as it is incredibly useful, they have tons of custom made resources and tutorials etc. : Many games and resources, very easy to browse, but slightly time consuming. : This one has quite a database, but yet again, slightly more time consuming to use. : For all your videogame music needs. Only downside is that every song must be downloaded one at a time. : I found this better than VG music because music can be quickly downloaded in zips from any of your favorite games. : These are oldskool game sprites, however, they are not formatted for rpgmaker, so you would have to do that yourself : This site seems slightly more XP oriented, but definatly check out the utility section, very useful. - Suggested by Mantlecore, looks really good.

One other resource I would like to mention, but could not put a link to (because all the sites seemed to have links to downloading RPG maker cracks, which this site does not support) is facemaker. It should come up on Google, and it is an amazing tool. Look for facemaker 32, it is all japanease, but it's very simple to figure out.

That's all I will give for now, but if you ever need anything, please PM me, and I can find it for you. Now, on to...

First of all, I must state that all images must be indexed colours, and must be non-interlaced PNG format.

Here is how to make your own images
1. Download a template if you need one (Search "Template" on charas, they come up...
2.Draw your picture in your favorite program, on the template if you're using one.
3.Index the colours to 256
4.Save the image as a nno-interlaced PNG
5.Go into RPG maker, and import the resource with the raw resource handler

NOTE: All resources have different dimensions that the images must be, for instance, a title needs to be 320 x 240, but a chipset needs to be 480 x 256, once again, go to charas, and you can find all the proper dimensions for the images by browsing the sections and looking at the dimensions of resources. The only two that don't need specific dimensions are 1. Pictures and 2.Monsters.

As for making your own sound effects, Gold wave is a great tool that is easy to use, and it has a HUGE demo time. Midis you can download Mid creator, or I've also heard of a program called fruityloops.

There you have it, get out there and start making and downloading your own resources, custom out that old RTP.

Any questions, PM me
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As for making your own sound effects, Gold wave is a great tool that is easy to use, and it has a HUGE demo time
The demo time is SO huge, that the program is actually free, permanently. :P
Free, really... The last version I had told me the demo time ran out... oh well..
My resources for characters just won't appear. I'm so annoyed. It keeps saying "File "blahblahblah" cannot be opened."
I tried resizing it to 144x256 and it still doesn't work. I even tried opening it in BMP and nothing changes, And I fixed the color saturation so that it only uses 8 bit color (just like the RTP in RM2k3) I have no idea why it's not working.
Can anyone help me?
Oh, and when I try png charaset they won't even show the image (it just says (none) where the image belongs.
Di you import them through the raw material editor, is that when you get the error?

if so, try making sure that you have selected the right catagory, you can't just press the import button and expect it to put it in the right place, so remember to click on, say, character sets, then click import, and find it. Also, try taking an rtp characterset in paint, and pasting your character set over it, and see if that works (althought this method sucks considering you lose so much colour, but if it works, then it means the problem was colour depth).

Perhaps also what you did was try to just put your image in the rtp folder? NEVER do it that way, transparencies don't get done, and the game won't warn you if there is a problem

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See? This works way better as a thread than article...
Okay, I finally did everything you guys said to do, and I tried importing and it says "Invalid Image size". So, what are the sizes for the 12 piece charasets?
(3 facing up, 3 down, 3 left, and 3 right)?
You need to make the image 3 up, down, left, and right, and the image size is 288x256. Yet again, I must ask, did you make sure to click on the character sets folder while importing? anyway, the easiest way to make sure the image is right size is to make your image over an rtp file

and yes kentona, this does work much nicer, it's simply too bad you don't get makerscore for it.
Yes, I did click on the charaset folder for the character sets.
It's not that that's the problem. t's the size. I've been trying to make it work with 72x128 (I found out somehwere that that was the correct size, and it turns out to be wrong)

Anyway, thanks for the help. Here's hoping those dimensions work.
It doesn't work. It just keeps saying "Invalid Image size"
Can anyone tell me what the size is for a single character (not a character set)
you cant do just a single character set, st the image to 288x256, that's the right dimensions. Like I said, put it over an old rtp one, so open up and RTP character set, and draw your character over that one, then save it with another name
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
I have some templates I can upload when (if) I ever get home (still at work - damn checkstyle requirements for Java! I have 12,000+ warnings).

EDIT: Still at work, but I noticed a new forum! I thought it'd be good to sticky this topic in here.
Here are the image's properties:

pixels: 288x256
bit depth: 24
frame count: 1
vertical/horizontal resolution: 96

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with it?
Btw, I'm using RM2k3
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.







Ketona, I don't need those grids, but they're helpful. I already have my charsets done. I just need to figure out how to adjust the color depth. (I'm guessing that's the problem. Every time I try to import a charset, it says "Invalid Color Depth". So, does anyone know how to fix the color depth (and can GIMP edit the Color depth of an image?)
I don't know if Gimp can, but I know Graphics Gale can in a couple of seconds.

All frames > Color Depth

Alternatively, it has batch conversion if you have a lot of separate images.
First of all, I'd just like to say "OMG! MY TOPIC GOT STICKIED, YAY!"

Next, if you have photoshop, there is an option. I think it is in "Image, colour, index colour"
just click that and hit ok, if that doesn't work, then try setting it to 256 by doing the same thing

Fireworks may have this option too, but you should get graphics gale, it's useful for RPG maker.
BTW, I can get sprites and chipsets etc from games for people, but I am not very good at drawing my own sprites. Basically what I am saying, is that I can get you sprites or chipsts etc from games that you are having trouble finding by making it myself.
I am tired of Earth. These people. I am tired of being caught in the tangle of their lives.
Once the new RMN v2 is up, I'll go through and upload my resource collection.
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