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Yeah, that's right. I'm making a topic about the Sims 3.

I enjoy the game a lot. I also enjoy a lot of other games, and I kind of understand the general complaint from gamers who say that they don't want to play a sim where you do mundane shit like eat food, go to work, and use the bathroom. But, well, I think I enjoy it because it's still so much of fantasy; that you can play the game for a few days and become an astronaut, pop out some rugrats, build a swimming pool, etc. The game's fun because it makes living look easy- like the idea of someone running on a treadmill for 7 hours until TRULY exhausted, and after a week or two becoming athletic enough to become a pro athlete or super-spy.

I don't want to use the new interactive features bullshit like an online blog or web forum, though, or the power to upload boring videos directly to YouTube to bore everyone else off. The only really new feature I like with Sims 3 over Sims 2 is that the game feels so much bigger- you can control multiple sims in different places in the town simultaneously, zooming in and out to wherever the action is. You can even tell them to do specific things at work, like give a lot of effort, slack off, schmooze with superiors, or hang out with coworkers. That's all pretty fun. Also, the Needs counters were streamlined so the game's a lot less about eating food and using the bathroom.

It's kind of hard legitimizing buying the game when you can get Sims 2 for cheap, along with some expansion packs that offer dramatically more items. But honestly, I kind of enjoy the Sims games more in their "early" phases, before there's a slew of bullshit expansions that let you create zombies and robots and so on.

The only thing that really bothers me is that the developers are now offering an online store to buy new items, clothes, and haircuts for the game. The new items are kind of neat, but the prices are amazing- would you spend $1.00 on a new virtual bookcase or vanity mirror? It's a system similar to Wii Points or XBox Live points, but I think the prices are absurd. At least you can get $10 of stuff free when you register the game, but I don't plan to use the store again.

Anyways, anybody else here play the Sims? Does anybody seriously plan on buying a bunch of k00l accessories from the online store? And is the game anything else besides a mundane life simulator?
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Do they still allow mods like The Sims 2 where you can use items other people create on freeware sites?
Do they still allow mods like The Sims 2 where you can use items other people create on freeware sites?

I'm honestly not sure! I know that you can import stuff like new houses, characters, and item designs created by other users directly into your game from the Sims exchange. I never really got into that, I guess.
I've been playing it and enjoy it a lot. I started with just one guy who got married and had two kids and died. Now I'm managing two separate households with his kids as adults.
I installed Sims 3 for my GF. She went straight back to Sims 2 where she has a house containing Sora, Kairi, Roxas, both Riku and Rikku, Axel (yay KH fandom), Kurenai and Gaara from Naruto. =_=

So glad I didn't pay for it
i built up a dude from a one-room shack to a pretty decent house + top of criminal underworld, and then cheated, built a gigantic mansion, gave myself teleportation powers, and went around forcing people to die of old age or starvation

~just like in real life~
i bet she's a diva with a potion popping problem
I suggest the AwesomeMod addition to your game (google MATY to find it). It pretty much completely stops gross 'storytelling' stuff like babies being popped out by single males or a new family moving in to town or your boss being five ranks below you.
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