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Well, I know this may sound as if I'm late in asking this question (since I've been asking many questions) but I've only been working on my game for a week (I'm new to the whole rpg maker software)
Back to the question:

How do you have an event with more then one person shown? And how do you move the character's/the main characters?

I know it has to do with the "Move" event command but....When I try it, nothing happens during the event.

And while I'm it (again :P)

Another query: When I try to find resources online, they usually don't work. When I say usually, I mean only tilesets work. I tried to use charas sprites but they never work. It always says "not correct size" (even though I'm sure the size is fine.)
Btw, my resources usually come from
I also can't use battle-item resources without that message appearing.

PS. I know I'm supposed to find the answers in a link on this site, but I didn't find the answer to the questions (or at least I don't think I did)
lol, everyone is new at some point, right?

Anyway, the event with more than one character shown goes like this:

Make events wherever you want the people to appear, then make a switch for the scene. Make it so the scene turns the switch on. Now go to each event where you want people to be. Make it have two pages (at the top left corner) and make it so the second page doesn't show a person, and the first one does. Now make it so the first page has the condition that the switch must be on.

Hopefully that helps, on to the next part. If you want your hero to move, then go to move event, and make sure in the top left, it says "HERO" for the event being moved.

As for resources, go into the resource importer (it's in tools) and my guess on what you did wrong is this: when you import a resource, you MUST click on the menu choice in the resource importer that fits the resource you are importing, so for instance, click on "Character sets" and then click import, and choose your character set. Make sure to click the background so the colour is transparent.

And there you have it.
Uhhh as far as i know.

1. The event promblem Uh did you check the cornner and make the others things move? that might be the problem.....

2ndly Charas battle sprites? If so then i think i know what you did. They give you the whole sheet but you need to cut it in half for an A and B Im pretty sure that it needs to be 144 in pixle size across.

3 i dont know what you did with the i said earlier check the size.....if that doent work i have no clue.....
on the move event. make sure that Proceed with Movement comes directly after or your characters might not move at all
when you say A and B....What do you mean?
My character sheet only has 12 different pics (3 facing up, 3 down, 3 left, and 3 right.)
And I checked the properties of the RTP sets and they match mine completely. I don't get why it doesn't work.
Are you trying to import charasets into the bcharasets folder? That might be the problem. The character sheets (the big ones with twelve directional poses) are charasets. They go in the "CharSet" folder. Battle Charasets are tall and skinny, with three sprites per line. Those are the ones that show up for battle sprites. Import those into the "BattleCharSet" folder.
I know that, I've been trying to import them in the charset folders.
It just doesn't work. To tell you the truth, no type of character importing works for me.
I mean if you go in the battle charter set folder you see that each one has an A and a B ive gotten sprite off of charas and you usally have to cut it in to an A and B. And if that doesnt work make sure its save as a png. that all so could be it.
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