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I should probably know how to do these kinds of things, but I'm very, very, very confused on battle animation. Why can you only make 8 cells? How does the software determine the animation path? Why does it only show the first frame when I choose it as the image for the first cell? I'm sorry, I'm just....confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Of course, I also need to know how you use animations for your battle characters (the ones you control, not the monsters), so I'd kinda like to know that, too.
Ok, I don't think I fully understand, but I'll take a whack...

As for 8 cells, do you mean all in one frame? if so, maybe there is a limit?
The software determines the animation path by using the openable option box on the right of the battle animation window, it will say something like "Target path" I think.

The frame part I don't get...

As for battle animations for your character, if I know what you mean...
Make a skill that uses the animation, and then go to the characters tab, and make it so they learn it at a certain level.

If you mean for an ABS, make it use the SHOW BATTLE ANIMATION option, and put it over hero, or the monster event.

Hopefully that helps a bit...
Thanks for the advice. However, the main thing I'm looking for is having a character use a certain animation for their normal attack (in place of the animation on the BattleCharSheet).
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You can't change it. The engine uses whatever is in the sheet.
I hate this as well. It would be good though if you could change it but you can't.
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