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O.K., in my new game "Seth," I'm trying to use the "Loop" feature to make fire in a burning village.
First, I changed the fire animation for "Fire Magic S1" to make it use the first 4 frames at normal size and made the name "Fire Burning."
Second, I created the following event:

Third, I made two events, title "FireTarget1" and "FireTarget2." Both had no graphic and no actions.

However, when I test my game, it freezes at the following screen (which happens right when I start because I temporarily changed the party starting position):

(also this isnt how I'm going to tint the screen, I'm still experimenting with the tint colors)

I have no idea why.
This is what the map looks like (if it has any effect on the way the events work):

Yes, the fire is on Firetarget2 when it freezes, for whatever reason.
And I know this kind of spoils part of my game, but I really need help with this.
Make it a parallel process and erase the loop command. Try that
^^^Exactly what he said^^^

All effects should always be parallel process unless they are used in a scene with the rest of the event
I tried that, but that meakes the fire stay perfectly still, frozen in one frame. I want it to
continully loop the animation (so the fire doesn't dissapear), but I also want it to show all the frames....
Forgot one part. How long is the animation? How many frames? You need a wait command for 1 less than that. Sorry I forgot this, I actually needed to try a similar thing for my games.
Resident foodmonster
Check off Halt Processes for them (It's within the Battle animation command), and have a wait of 0.0 afterwards. Only one battle animation can be played at a time, though, they won't both play at the same time. One will go after the other. I would prefer pictures or charactersets for something like this.

Having a Fire overlay that's full screen, low transparency and making it have a waver effect or something may be a better solution.
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